Koo Schadler: Photo Op

And here are pictures from Koo’s egg tempra workshop. Loads of bunnies. 😉

First Koo and then the class. This was a jam packed and exciting class. Koo is a dynamic teacher and completely into her painting with tempera. Even if you are a fiber artist, if you get a chance to take this class, do it. You’ll learn more about painting and art in one week than you could imagine.

Tony van Hasselt: Photo Op

Here are the pictures for the class enjoy. Starting with Tony’s picture. This was indeed a wunnerful workshop with some great people. Those of you that missed it missed a great class. Boo hoo.

Carol Taylor: new section for this art quilt workshop

October 28 – Nov 3
Piecing It Together
Carol Taylor
All Levels

There is still room in this workshop but it is filling fast.

We also still have

October 21 – 27
Piecing It Together
Carol Taylor
All Levels

but it’s full for now. If you want to sign up, please do so. You never know.

In other words, we have two sections of the same Carol Taylor class back to back, one right after the other. Enjoy.

Recipe: New variation on chicken dish in pot

Basically, you make the edible mirepoix just like normal, then don’t put in the ham or the spicy capicola and instead, when about to serve, put a little bit of white truffle oil on the chicken or better, slice some fresh white truffles on top.

I used Roland which has some real truffles in it.

OK. This is bare bones. So, go to the following recipe and then rather than put the ham in, do the above.

Last Dinner for Margaret Martin: What fun we had

And Tony van Hasselt had dinner with them. Everyone loved the food and had a good time at the workshop. I got a sitting O! I think they had fun with the ice cream with the chunks o’ chocolate. Actually, raspberry cordials.

Funny, our one semi-vegetarian, I served two egg dishes, both with truffles, one white and one black. Nice. I love white truffles with eggs for dinner. Hell, black truffles work for me, too.

New Chocolates: The Pizzaz Collection

Well, I’m doing one more collection of chocolates before taking a break and selling the types we already have. The milk chocolate is filled with a blueberry and pomegranate molasses jelly and the dark chocolate is filled with an ancho jelly. Yum.

These are the milk chocolate. I didn’t take any pictures of the dark.

Kim is now looking at getting a macro-lense. Yup. We need one for the chocolates and other close up shots that Kim wants to do.

We also need better lighting. I think we can use the studio for that. Next step, after getting the display cabinet, here’s the one we are thinking of, is to set up the store website.

We’ll get something like this. Not quite sure.

Howard Rose Photo Op: Let the Good Times Roll

First, our master of ceremonies, our quinsentential Long Island painter, How(wow)ward Rose.

Uh oh, here comes trouble, the Joan twins. What lovely smiles. What wonderful people.

I finally learned how to spell your name, Gayle. Enjoy the chocolates.

Lane, did you get your painting back?

There just isn’t enough of Diane and Barabara on the blog. Wait, here’s one.

Everyone painted.

But not all the time.

Well, almost.

And paintined beautiful paintings

Guided by this man.

Well, Barbara and Diane, see, you’re on the blog. And a big thanks to Kim for actually getting me these pictures quickly.

Well, the Howard Rose class is leaving tomorrow

or rather today. What a great group. Pictures to follow. They had fun. Kim and I had fun and everyone loved the food, the chocolates and of course the art workshops with the wunnerful Howard Rose.

Too bad you missed this one. This one was just great. Everyone learned, everyone painting very well. Come again soon.

The Tea Set: Chocolate Truffles with Green, Oolong and Black Teas

Here are four of my famous Chocolate Tea Truffles:

Left to right. Lapsang Souchong Black Tea (Ol’ Smokey) Dark Chocolate Ganache dipped in Dark Chocolate, Genmaicha Green Tea, White Chocolate Ganache dipped in Dark Chocolate, Dragon Pearl Oolong Tea, White Chocolate Ganache dipped in Dark Chocolate, Earl Grey Supreme (black tea), Milk Chocolate Ganache dipped in Dark Chocolate.

Of course all of the ganaches have the different teas infused into them. Enjoy the pictures but wouldn’t you rather be enjoying the chocolates. Call us and order some. We ship. I’ve in the process of updating the website and chocolate menu. Enjoy.

And some close ups! Order now while the supply lasts. 😉