More Experimental Watermedia

They are having so much fun in this class. Mary Alice provided such an array of new mediums and materials for everyone to experiment with.

This collage was created by Beverly G. The cutout features an image of seashells.

Another work in progress that incorporates the skins that Mary Alice taught everyone how to make.

Here is Mary Alice discussing with Valerie and Kathleen some of the collaged images in Gerald Brommer’s book on Collage.

Gerald will be teaching for us again in 2011 – a new class that he has developed on surface structure and surface treatments for watercolor paintings.

In this picture Les looks like he can’t take it any more, but actually he is loving it. Look at all the fun stuff he has ready to work with.

Mary Alice Braukman is Dazzling Her Students

Mary Alice Braukman’s workshop started this past Monday and has been a non-stop stream of new and exciting techniques, materials, and ideas.

On the first day I saw Mary Alice coming out of the studio in the afternoon and she said, “they told me to take a coffee break! I’ve given them so much new information, they can’t take any more at the moment!

But they could take more, and more they got!

Everyone has been working in the studio well past class hours, including Mary Alice.

One of the things they did the first day was to experiment with various surface texture mediums and the effect these surfaces had when painted.

Mary Alice has everyone documenting what they do so that they can remember what they did when back in their own studios.

Today, Thursday, there are some really nice looking pieces coming together. I’ll post picture of these tomorrow.

Realism Through Design with John Salminen

John Salminen is here this week teaching his approach to painting the urban scene in watercolor.

John just returned from SHANGHAI where he received the Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial Award.

Every one is well into their painting and from the looks of them, it is going great

Three Days with Jim McFarlane

Those 3 day workshops just breeze on by! Jim McFarlane, a wonderful artist and instructor from Pennsylvania, came to the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops teach a class for an eager group of students.

He lead them through value studies, painting zones, and color experiments.

The 3 days was over way too soon!

John Salminen is here this week and I’ll be getting some pictures tomorrow! I always like to let everyone settle in before starting to snap shots!

Final Glorious Day with Alvaro Castagnet

On the final day of the workshop with Alvaro Castagnet the group went to Coxsackie (which you get to by driving past Surprize and Climax — I kid you not!). The town has a nice little riverside park and some interesting old buildings.

The day was beautiful – the sun was shining and there was a light breeze.

When I arrived, delivering lunches, everyone was spread out all over the town.

This made Alvaro spend his time walking from one person to the next. (Good way to work off the afternoon cookies!)

There were lots of great shady places to stand while painting, while still taking advantage of the sunny lighting.

Although some preferred the sun!

The artists were the only ones enjoying the day. Nothing like a nice stroll through town and doing a little window shopping!

More Fun with Alvaro and his Fun-Loving Students

The laughter and fun that this group is having is what makes this business all worthwhile to me!

Yesterday, they went to the town of Athens, which is about 20 minutes from our inn. There is a riverside park and an interesting town of quaint old buildings.

Alvaro started the morning with a demo, as he had done each morning.

Alvaro looks happy with the results! (That’s him in the black shirt.)

But Alvaro wasn’t the only one with a big grin.

Here is Sarah and Claude doing their best “Dancing with the Stars” pose. I’ll bet Mark was talking about how he and I met in a Tango class!

Renee, one of a number of students who came from Canada to take the workshop, looks like she is enjoying the sunny Spring weather.

And here is Alvaro flashing his Facebook avatar pose!

The Hudson River Valley Art Workshops is also on Facebook.

Master of Tonal Values – Alvaro Castagnet

Alvaro Castagnet is back at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops once again to teach his impressionist approach to watercolor.

The first day of the workshop the group stay at the inn to paint because the weather forecast was predicting showers (which never happened!). Still, there was plenty of subject matter to choose from.

The old well is always popular.

As is the cottage building and lawns beyond.

Here is Alvaro offering advice to Vie, who came to the workshop from San Antonio, TX.

Yesterday the group went to a local working farm to paint. They were having an absolutely marvelous time in the beautiful Spring weather, when out of the blue at about 3:30 p.m. a major windstorm swept through our area! The winds were gusting up to 50 mph, according to the weather report. Everyone had to scramble to gather up their supplies and head back to the inn. But by the time everyone had made it back to the inn, grabbed a cup of coffee or tea and a cookie, the storm had past and the sun was shining in a pure blue sky. Never did hear any thunder.

This was a typical Spring/Summer thunder storm – it rushes in and then rushes out just as quickly.

Today promises to be sunny all day, so the group headed out to the town of Athens, which is right next to the Hudson River. The town park is riverside, and boasts a view of the Athens Lighthouse.

Mark is delivering lunches today and I sent him out with the camera, so hopefully I’ll be able to post some great shots of the class painting in Athens! That is if Mark doesn’t get caught up in conversation with Alvaro! Mark is fluent in Spanish and is enjoying the opportunity to practice speaking it with Alvaro.

Final Day of Fabric Landscapes with Natalie Sewell

This was a very industrious group who worked well past class hours to put together their landscapes.

It was amazing to watch them all come together.

Many people completed more than one design during the 3-days of the workshop.

If you were not able to make to this year’s workshop with Natalie, never fear . . . she will be back again in 2012 in April again.

Landscapes Materializing Like Crazy

The students in this year’s class with Natalie Sewell is going gang-busters!

Check out some of the impressive landscapes that are forming faster than you can say Hudson River Valley Art Workshops!

This is a garden bench under construction and soon to be added to the garden landscape.

There is Stacey working with blazing speed on her landscape. The landscape with the big red barn is one that Natalie is currently working on. It will be stunning!

Fabric Landscapes with Natalie Sewell

Natalie Sewell is here once again teaching her fabulous technique for designing and collaging a landscape in fabric, thread, paint, and markers!

This eager class took to the process like ducks to water!

By the time I got into the studio to take pictures on the second day, Natalie was already showing them how to square up their landscape.

There are no rules, rulers, or templates used in designing or creating the landscapes, but when it comes to squaring it up and adding a border (sort of a frame for the picture), Natalie stressed that this was where good craftsmanship was essential. She said that you do not what to have a quilt that isn’t square or doesn’t lay flat to detract from your finished landscape!

I’ll post pictures of some student work in my next post.