Skip Lawrence Photo Op Supreme

You know, I thought I had better pictures. I seem to remember taking more pictures and pictures of Skip and Diane and a whole host of people but I guess they didn’t come out or something.

Well, you don’t need a blog entry to tell you that this class is not only a master class but also a super fun and magincal class. If you always wanted to take a class with Skip, I’d sign up RIGHT NOW. Already, we have 15 people signed up. And don’t worry if you get on the waiting list only, we may get to you.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy. I know these people did.

And you know, Skip is the reason everyone has so much fun but it could also be the chocolates.

Check them out. Milk and dark chocolate cherry cordials, lavender ganache, jellies, truffles, the whole tea set truffles, hazelnut butter cups, hickory smoked peanut butter cups, caramels, banana saffron caramel. The list goes one.

Last Dinner for Margaret Martin: What fun we had

And Tony van Hasselt had dinner with them. Everyone loved the food and had a good time at the workshop. I got a sitting O! I think they had fun with the ice cream with the chunks o’ chocolate. Actually, raspberry cordials.

Funny, our one semi-vegetarian, I served two egg dishes, both with truffles, one white and one black. Nice. I love white truffles with eggs for dinner. Hell, black truffles work for me, too.

The Tea Set: Chocolate Truffles with Green, Oolong and Black Teas

Here are four of my famous Chocolate Tea Truffles:

Left to right. Lapsang Souchong Black Tea (Ol’ Smokey) Dark Chocolate Ganache dipped in Dark Chocolate, Genmaicha Green Tea, White Chocolate Ganache dipped in Dark Chocolate, Dragon Pearl Oolong Tea, White Chocolate Ganache dipped in Dark Chocolate, Earl Grey Supreme (black tea), Milk Chocolate Ganache dipped in Dark Chocolate.

Of course all of the ganaches have the different teas infused into them. Enjoy the pictures but wouldn’t you rather be enjoying the chocolates. Call us and order some. We ship. I’ve in the process of updating the website and chocolate menu. Enjoy.

And some close ups! Order now while the supply lasts. 😉