Jane Sassaman’s Abstracting From Nature

You can’t beat the fun of a workshop, Abstracting from Nature, with Jane Sassaman in December! It was our last workshop for 2014 and it was such a great group.

“I didn’t know how great this facility is – very conducive to creativity and comfort! The meals were excellent, outstanding, delicious, healthy! Thanks for the wonderful week” – Stella Lang.

The students got off to a good start, by Wednesday they were already well on their way to creating some very imaginative and original abstractions from nature.

IMG 2924
IMG 2925
IMG 2926
IMG 2927

This is a close up of one of Jane’s pieces.

IMG 2928
IMG 2929
IMG 2930

So ends the 2014 workshops season! It was fun and we are so grateful and pleased that we got to meet lots of old and new friends. The 2015 workshop season start in March, but in the meantime we’ll be planning and preparing for the fun and surprises of the new year. The full color brochure for the 2015 classes will be going out in the mail in a few days, but all of the new class information is already on our website and classes are filling fast.

Have a Happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you in 2015!

Holographic Mixed Media Collage with Wen Redmond

What a fun workshop with Wen Redmond! Wen just taught a 3 day workshop for Hudson River Valley Art Workshops on her mixed media holographic image process.

The first part of the process was doing some screen printing, stamping, another other techniques of surface design to create the “frame” for the holographic image.

IMG 2901
IMG 2903
IMG 2905
IMG 2906
IMG 2907
IMG 2908
IMG 2909

Here is a sampling of the finished pieces created by the students. They are fabulous!

IMG 2910
IMG 2911
IMG 2912
IMG 2913
IMG 2914

Manon and Gerri taking a coffee break during the afternoon cookie time. Fresh baked cookies are set out in the inn dining rooms, but generally the groups tend to grab the tray and take it back to the studio. They love the cookies but don’t want to stop creating!

IMG 2916