Paul Leveille: Photo Op

Well, this was a happy, almost happy-go-lucky, crowd. Everyone had a great time! Here’s the master painting.

On the lam! Ya think? Well, here are more pictures.

Classic Leveille!

So, to my chagrin, I thought I’d taken a ton more pictures but they must not have come out. So, here are some pictures of the demos. Next time, I’ll get the oil demo. Is this guy great or what? Fun class. Here is a painting of our prep girl Morgan and following that a picture of the son of another prep girl Theresa.

This is a drawing by Paul.

And here is a painting by a student and it is of our prep girl Morgan. Now Morgan is famous.

The Carla O’Connor Workshop: A photo op

Here is La Maestra

leading her class in an indoor


painting extravaganza. Almost ochestral in the arrangement.

And of course, there was the food.

Det fanns en norksa flicka i klassen

The only action 😉 shot I got all year! 😉

Well, not really. Everyone had a wunnerful time. They loved this class. Too bad you weren’t in it. Don’t forget to sign up early.

It’s very cool here

Today, at 75 degrees, has been the hottest day this week. Can you believe that? It’s been in the high 60’s low 70’s all week. Great for making chocolates.

Vi har en norska flicka gäst här

Though I found out, no matter how young she looks, she’s not a flicka, that is girl. (It just didn’t seem right to use kvinna, woman, in this context. fruntimmer also sounds odd.) It’s funny, Swedish borrowed pojke (poika, in Finnish), meaning boy, from Finnish and the Finns borrowed flicka, meaning girl.

Anyway, we have a Norweigen student here who is giving me bunches of Norweigen and Swedish practice. Basically, she speaks Norweigen and I’m responding in Swedish. Probably by the end of the week, I’ll be speaking Swedish if not Norweigen.

We also have some French Canadians but they’d sticking mostly to English. So, my French doesn’t get a workout.

Kim, I hope, will be downloading new pictures and I can put some up.

Painter’s Week

Well, Artists’ Week, formally known as Painters’ Week, not only had painters, but quilters and a writer. He saw us in TONY (Time Out NY).

Well, here’s a picture log of the group as it changed over the week. We had some 6 nighters and some 3 nighters so the composition changed all the time. It was a fun week and we all had a ball. Can you guess who the writer is?

The Genesee Cream Ale Plein Air Painting People (and Peter)

Sir Ted: A Minchinesque Photo Op

Well, everyone loved the workshop with Ted Minchin. We enjoyed the people and everyone had a great time learning from this master. What a great photo. (Ted, you can purchase a copy of the photo, bargain basement prices. 😉

Sir Ted:

His wunnerful class

More students

now eating…

La Barbara: A Photo Op with Barbara Nechis

Well, Kim has put the photos on CD and now I’m ready to blog! Here is what you’ve been waiting for. Barbara’s class. Everyone had a great time. Here are some pictures.

They created some beautiful art. Next time, you’ll have to take this course.

Around the Grounds

Thought I’d shock everyone (especially Mark) and post on the blog — about something other than food!

Spring has arrived in Greenville in all its beauty and greenery. The lawns are growing so fast that the once a week mowing seems hardly enough.

Last year I planted a couple of lingonberry bushes out behind the garage. Here they are as of today. I think it will be about 10 years before we can offer fresh lingonberry pancakes for breakfast!

A couple of years we also started to build a pathway through the woods on our grounds. After 2 years of collecting Fall leaves and laying down pathways, it is starting to look pretty nifty. Now you can take a walk through the woods and be surrounded by wildflowers and trees. There is still a lot of work to do but it is off to a good start.

I finally downloaded and copied all of the workshop photos for Mark to blog about, so look for more pictures soon.

Esterita Austin is here teaching a 3-day workshop at the moment and everyone is having great fun. However, wouldn’t you know it the weather has turned hot, this is a fusing class (lots of irons on in the studio) and the main air conditioner decided to have a fit. Luckily, our trusty repairman was able to come this morning — to the cheers of the class participants — and fix the beast.

Well, now I’m off to check on the flower seeds I started (Marigolds and Zinnias) to make sure they haven’t been eaten by bugs or anything larger. I also have to get the hanging baskets planted. I’m a little late, but have we been busy!

Chocolate Menu now on line!

Here’s the one on the Hudson River Valley Chocolate Workshops! Click ME!

The one for the Hudson River Valley Chocolate Fiber Workshops! Click ME!

And here’s the one for the Greenville Chocolate Arms! Click ME!

It’s all the same information but three different places to go for chocolate.

The on-line store is coming. There’ll be more on the store than just chocolates but for now, confections and chocolates are on these pages. There are non-chocolate confections, too!!