Stitched Paintings with Katie Pasquini Masopust

Katie PM is here this week teaching her marvelous stitched paintings process. The first day, the tables were covered with plastic and the painting started in earnest!

Here Katie is giving a demo of layered painting – paint dark lines (or whatever mark), let it dry, and then paint over it. While the second layer is still wet, you can wipe sections away to expose parts of the first layer.


This is all part of the process of creating the canvases that will then be cut apart and then reassembled into another composition.


Very exciting images are developing!

More Landscapes with Gloria Loughman

On the final day of the workshop with Gloria Loughman, as I walked around taking pictures of the landscapes that everyone was creating, I was thoroughly enjoying the amazing creativity!

This is Kathy Nurge with her landscape.


This is Jan Sheet’s birch trees.


Carol Newhart hard at work stitching leaves in place.


A fabulous landscape by Priscilla Kibbee. She worked with it turned this way the entire class. I guess it was easier to look at that way while she was seated right next to it.


Contemplating the design possibilities.


Such vibrant colors!


Debbie Ross finished one landscape and started in on another!


Barb Caldwell said she loves green! So do I.


Can’t remember who’s piece this is, but I love the marching rows of flat head pins.