Capturing the Moment with Kim English

We had a beautiful week here in Greenville while Kim English taught his oil painting class for Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. Kim is all about “capturing the moment” – fast one-go-paintings. He used models on all days, except on Wednesday when the group went out to our favorite local farm to paint. The models were set up as “couples” in the landscape around the inn.

This is around the pool (unfortunately closed this year).

That’s Kim in the black tshirt.

One positive thing about the pool being closed is the great reflections from the dark pool tarp! It was like being next to a natural pond.

During the last two days of the workshop, with a different set of models, the group spent time on the front side lawn of the inn.

Lots of shade for the artists, but sharp bright light on the models.

Kim was a tireless instructor and kept moving around the group to offer advice and guidance.

Kim had the models do 5 minute poses, everyone painting like crazy and then at the end of 5 minutes, you’d wipe your painting off and then start again. Theresa Q described it as Etch-A-Sketch painting! The idea was to learn to capture the feeling and essence of the scene in a matter of moments.

A very rewarding time was had by all and I’m happy to report that just today I confirmed with Kim that he will be back teaching for us in August 14 – 20, 2011. Mark your calendars, his class this year filled up fast!

Meanwhile back the inn, Mark was busy making mocha marshmallow chocolates to fill a new 9 piece boxed set of Halloween chocolates for Life By Chocolates! Plenty of “trimmings” for sample tastes were available to the students. That kept them energized!

Pastels with Richard McKinley

Richard McKinley flew in from Oregon and played to a full house at the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn. He kept his audience engaged with both his wonderful stories from his life as a traveling art instructor and his knowledge as a master pastelist.

The weather was great and the group had the opportunity to paint at a number of scenic venues. These photos are from one of their days at a local farm.

This is the picnic lunch that we deliver to the painting sites for everyone who orders one.

This farm is one of the favorite places to paint because there is such a variety of subject matter – buildings, vistas, cows, hay bales, old farm equipment, chickens, and more. Plus it doesn’t hurt that there are lots of shady trees to set up under!

Here is Richard explaining to Tanya one of my favorite analogies that I overheard that week. He said that the artist is the cinematographer of their art. It is up to the artist to direct the viewer to the element of interest in the painting. They are in charge of the lighting, the focus, and colors to attract attention.

Richard kept the group hopping all week. They even had evening assignments.

It was a tired but happy group by the end of the week.

We will try to get Richard back here again as soon as possible, but he is a busy man!

I can only imagine the stories he has added to his repertoire from his first experience with the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops!

Landscapes in Oil with Howard Rose

Howard Rose, a fun instructor from Roslyn, NY, was here couple of weeks ago to teach a 5 day workshop. Everyone always has lots of laughs while learning a lot.

While he was here, Howard showed us a new video that he has been working on. In it he demonstrates how to mix all the colors of the color wheel, plus several grays, burnt sienna, and burnt umber from just three primary colors. It was quite interesting and will definitely be a useful video reference for anyone learning or wanted to improve their color mixing. Great job, Howard!