Carol Marine Does It Again

We were so lucky to have Carol Marine return to us to teach another wonderful workshop. However, we had to keep a close eye on anything that wasn’t nailed down and was suitable subject matter for a still life! Plates, bowls, glasses, flatware — it all made it’s way into the studio. No matter — Carol had her crew doing amazing paintings with all this simple stuff.

No, the hamster was NOT something found in the inn dining rooms, but I just love the painting. Our daughter had hamsters like this when she was little. She always named them Hamlet.


I enjoyed strolling around the studio to see all of the Stuff the people brought from home as subjects for their paintings.


Carol was a tireless instructor. She spent a lot of time with each of her “kids”.


On the last day of the 5-day class, the group gathered on porch of the South Cottage (this was Carol room) for a class photo. This was also part of the lesson. Carol was explaining to the class some tips for taking good reference photos outdoors.


What a happy crew! They were such fun to have at the inn.


Watercolor Portraits with Ted Nuttall

The wonderful Ted Nuttall was recently here to teach a 5-day workshop on creating portraits in watercolor using photographs for reference.

Ted is a fabulous figurative artist who’s work has won numerous awards. But even more important to the students, he is a teacher who not only knows how to teach, but how to inspire!


Nothing but smiles in this class!


Ted gave everyone plenty of individual guidance at their easel.


Another reason for smiles during the workshop was the delicious food. This is a new twist on one of last year’s favorites – the Orange-Soy Glazed Chicken on a Portabello Mushroom. This year the chef is using an “airline” cut of chicken, which is mostly a boneless chicken breast.


It is marvelous paired with fresh seasonal corn on the cob, broccoli and sautéed parsnips.

Here is Chef Mark, brushing on the soy glaze and Kadi, one of our waitstaff, sprinkling on the toasted sesames.


Robert Burridge’s Magic Show

Bob Burridge sometimes like to refer to his demos as magic shows — probably because he worked his way through college performing as a magician! Now a days Bob works magic with acrylics and collage!

Always a fun workshop, here is a photo tour of the studio during the class:


Bob will be back again in 2013 at around the same time in May. Don’t delay in signing up for this super popular instructor!