Pastel Landscapes with Richard McKinley

Richard McKinley and all of his students enjoyed a lovely, fun, and productive time with us last week. The weather was beautiful and there were just starting to be hints of Fall color in the trees.

Two of the days were spent at Olana because there is just so many inspiring views.

IMG 2636
IMG 2639
IMG 2647
IMG 2652
IMG 2655
IMG 2656
IMG 2660

Richard will be returning to teach for us again September 11 – 17, 2016 and already the class is filling up!

Watercolor Portraits with Ted Nuttall

We had another wonderful week with the talented artist and instructor, Ted Nuttall, for a workshop on watercolor portraits working from photo reference. Everyone had great things to say about Ted as an instructor. His demos were filled with explanation and tips and he spent a lot of time with each student at their easel.

IMG 2614
IMG 2613
IMG 2616

This was Ted’s demo on one of the days of the 5 day workshop.

IMG 2617
IMG 2619

We also have four-footed guest for the week, Loki, an Australian Shepherd. He enjoyed hanging out by the back door of the studio so that he could keep an eye on his “mom.”

IMG 2622

Meanwhile outside the studio the weather was becoming very Fall-like. The night temps were going down to the 40s, so it was time to close the pool. Though the pool area is still a lovely place to sit for lunch or just to take a breather from the intenseness of the class.

IMG 2624
IMG 2630

The front porch of the Main Inn was a popular place to gather before dinner for a drink of wine or a frosty mug of beer.

IMG 2635

The Value of Value Studies with Ann Lindsay

“Ann is a gem, one of a kind teacher, she has a way of explaining that you get! Makes class fun! – a student in Ann Lindsay’s

Fun is definitely what this class had. It was a 3-day workshop focused on the value of value studies and Ann said she “worked them hard!”

Ann provided lots of demos and samples to illustrate her points.

IMG 2596
IMG 2597

The rest of the photos were captured from the student workspaces around the studio. Lots of good work!

IMG 2599
IMG 2600
IMG 2601
IMG 2602
IMG 2603
IMG 2604
IMG 2605

With the beautiful weather we’ve been having, the class enjoyed sitting out on the front porch of the inn before dinnertime. A happy crew!

IMG 2606
IMG 2610

Ann Lindsay is scheduled to return in 2017 to teach a 5-day workshop.