Howard Rose

Howard Rose is an oil painter and teacher whose credo is “design first!” A great statement can be made in a painting with a few strokes if the composition is strong and effective. Howard advocates first blocking in, simply and directly. Then, painting spontaneously, the painter can take risks with color, detail and value. Howard shows you how changing colors and value affect the mood or impact of your painting. Refinement of shapes and color tell the rest of the story. The painting experience is fun if you take risks, make changes and have patience.

September 7 – 10
Outdoor Workshop
Howard Rose
Oil Workshop
All Levels

Say Bye-Bye to Sockeye

And hello to Maple salmon. It was fun while it lasted. Also, fresh black truffles are completely gone and I heard that customs was stopping packages of fresh truffles and they were expiring in the time it took for them to get through.

So, all I have left are the ones that I froze. Good thinking on my part.

Alvaro Castagnet Photo Op: Man of Mystery

What a fun time this class was!! Everyone loved it.

“Do I amuse you?”

Alvaro Castagnet, Man of Dark Mysterious Paintings. El Maestro.

And now meet his class.

Look at that sunflower. Wow.

They held an outdoor discussion session by the pool. A big art party.

And finally the table they sat down to:



Happy eaters!

And silly eaters!

Food Photos

I look like a crazy French chef here. But look at what I’m holding.

A bread pudding extrodinaire. I think next year, I’ll make a savory bread pudding. This one is sweet that I served with a 82% dark chocolate sauce. Yummer.

I’m also doing a cold roasted red pepper and tomato soup. For those of you who cannot eat peppers, you can eat roasted red pepper. It wont give you the same problems.

Finally, I was fooling about with pulled sugar and decided to make some flowers. This is the first time I have ever made flowers. I did this from memory. Not too bad.

Stanley Maltzman Photo Op: the unposted pictures

So, finally, I am almost caught up. After this, we have Alvaro Castagnet’s workshop.

If you are a pastel painter and you missed Stanley’s workshop, I pity you. It was another fantastic workshop.

Let me introduce El Maestro, Stan the Man.

And now some photos of his students doing studenty things:

And finally the ubiquitous eating photos:

All of this great food brought to you by the Chef with the Extra Brains:

I’ve been pushing the boundaries

Hmm. What have I been doing? Well, I’ve added truffle and Parmesan foam to the Mac and Cheese. As a last minute addition, it’s terrific.

I made those sugar flowers. I’ve perfected my paella. Those that liked it before, it’s now completely authentic. You’ll really love this. I’m going to keep it for next year.

Next year, I may do a truffle foam with sweetbreads ravioli. Kim’s favorite. Or I may make that a fois gras beggar’s purse.

David Dunlop Photo Op: Finally!

Kim has finally gotten to me all the pictures. So, I’m in a race to put them up. This was the wunnerful, fun and learning packed workshop with David Dunlop.

Here is a picture of David.

I forget what he is saying. He’s either explaining a complicated historical painting technique or is describing the perfect hamburger.

But he did take everyone to this wunnerful painting site called Thatcher Park. Here are some pictures.

Finally, everyone had a great time eating. Here are the eaters. No, no potatoes this night.

This workshop was innsanely full. If you don’t see your photo here. Sorry. I only can put up a couple of pictures. Everyone had a great time and we enjoyed this workshop. David will be back in 2008.

InnSane Flowers


Today, I made some sugar flowers. I did a pretty good job making a couple of tulips, a rose, a lilly and some daisies. One of my daises broke so I used my blow torch to glue it back together. Now the daisy has a spot of blight.

The daisies were the hardest. The rose was fairly easy. I learned how to do it in about 15 minutes.

My main problem is I don’t have a heat lamp so I have to use the microwave. My hands are tingling from all that heat. Ouch. Pulled sugar isn’t for pansies! Just pansy lovers. 😉 I’ll try that next. I have pictures. I didn’t add any coloring so everything is yellowish.

I’m still waiting for Kim to transfer the rest of the pictures over to here so I can post them.