Ignore the Snow. It Really is Spring

The weather forecast for today was for a mix of rain and snow. You’ve got to be kidding! Well, I did see a few lonely flakes of snow fluttering around in the morning, but by afternoon the sun was shining and our lawns were be mowed for the first time this season. Ah, the sound of the lawn mower — it is definitely Spring.

The forsythia is so bright this year it seems to light the way in the evening.

Ann Fahl is the next workshop. It is starting tomorrow and there is still some room in the workshop, if you are one of those spur of the moment kind of people!

Right after Ann’s workshop, we move into the painting workshop season with Eric Wiegardt, a watercolorist from Washington state and a marvelous instructor. He was last here in 2006 and we are certainly looking forward having him here again. There is still a few spots left in this workshop. Below is one of Eric’s paintings.

Later on in May, the 17th to 20th to be exact, Jim McFarlane is returning to teach a 3-day watercolor workshop, Draw Well – Paint Loose. Below is an example of Jim’s work.

Then the final workshop for May is an outdoor pastel workshop with the intrepid Elizabeth Apgar-Smith. Betsy was last here in 2006 and one of the locations the group went to was Olana – a great view of the Hudson and the house tours are now back on.

Everyone has lots of laughs around the dinner table.

Margot Lovinger and Natalie Sewell

Two great workshops have passed since the last post! First was the 5-day workshop with Margot Lovinger. This was Margot’s first time teaching here and we hope it won’t be her last!

Here is the happy crew at the dinner table, including Elliott, Margot’s cute little boy. Just 5 months old and already he has a NY fan club!

Here is Sue Whalen hard at work on her composition. Wait until you see the finished piece later on!

This is just some of the materials that Lynda Long brought with her. She stayed for a double header – Margot’s and Natalie’s workshops.

This shot is of Sue showing off her completed piece to Natalie and Dick Sewell. Isn’t it fantastic.

Then on Saturday Natalie’s students arrived and got to work in the studio the next morning.

This is the piece created by Jody P. On the first evening Jody told the group that she had taken workshop after workshop trying to learn how to create landscape quilts and even walked out of a couple because they just weren’t doing it for her! Natalie’s workshop was obviously a winner! Everyone’s creation was fabulous. I wish I had taken more pictures.

Don’t worry if you missed the workshop this year. Natalie will be back again in 2010!

What a Great Party You Missed

The small but mega enthusiastic group here for the Rosemary Eichorn workshop left yesterday and we miss them already! If you weren’t here you sure missed a lot of fun.

Here is the Divine Ms Eichorn, who taught everyone the secrets to making a fabric collage.

Rosemary gave everyone a goodie bag full of fun materials to experiment with, such as tyvek, felt, lutrador, chiffon, metal screening, Model Magic, and more.

She show us how use an embellisher’s heat gun, fabric paints, expanding paints, and Angelina fibers.

Besides the wonderful fabric collages, Rosemary also show the class how to make fabulous scarves from just yarn and thread. This was a great project to work on while the fabric collages were going through the laundry to soften up the raw edges.

As an added bonus, Wacky Wendy was in the house! Wendy Brackman is a professional entertainer who has the amazing talent of being able to quickly cut out these wonderful, colorful and quirky hats from paper plates — all freehand and in a matter of minutes, all the while telling jokes. She had us holding our sides from laughing too much!

Here is Wendy wearing the hat that she just created for Mark.

Here is Andrea with mouse and cheese hat!

Wendy made each of us two hats – one wacky and the other glamorous.

Here is Hudson’s reaction when he saw the hats. He loved them — but I think it was because they were made from paper — his favorite thing to chew!

Everyone said it was the best workshop they’ve ever been to. We certainly look forward to having Rosemary return in the future. Don’t miss out next time!

Who is up next? It is Margot Lovinger, here to teach her class how to use layers of sheer fabrics, such as tulle, to create shadow and depth. Margot herself usually works with figures and portraits, but she is going to be showing you her technique using simple still life set ups. Below is an example of a still life created by Margot.

She will show you how she uses a light box and overhead projector to create her composition and then how she sews layers of sheer fabric over the printed fabric to create the shadows and value changes that bring the images to life.

There is still room in this workshop, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn this creative technique.

Spring is Here and So is Sharon Carson

The crocus are up and the tulips and daffidills aren’t far behind. The weather has been fabulously spring-like – in the 40s to 50s and it is great to be able to be outdoors.

Sharon Carson’s oil painting workshop is just finishing up today but everyone had a wonderful time. Sharon is such a good teacher. We always get very positive comments about her from the students. We can’t wait to have her back here again in the future. The 3 days of the workshop went by so quickly.

Here you can see some of the pictures we took during the workshop.

The students for Rosemary Eichorn’s workshop are due to arrive this afternoon. Rosemary is a fiber artist from Soquel, California and someone I’ve always wanted to take a workshop from. She was named Teacher of the Year by Professional Quilters Magazine in 2007. There is still room in this fabric collage and wearable art workshops if any of you readers have a sudden urge to join this fun group!

Here is an example of Rosemary’s work.

The next workshop after Rosemary’s, is a workshop with Margot Lovinger, another fiber artist from the West Coast, though this time from Seattle. Margot is going to teach a 5 day workshop on her technique for using layers of sheer fabrics to create depth and shadows. Margot’s own work is mostly with figures and portraits, but in this workshop she will be working with simple still life set ups.

Here is an example of one of Margot’s incredible artworks. The workshop dates are April 20 – 26th and there is still room in this workshop, so don’t wait to sign up.