Back Home Again

It was wonderful to get away for a workshop and spend a whole week where I could focus just on my art. I recommend it highly for anyone! 😉 (I am writing about my experience in the workshop on my personal blog, so you can read it there if you are interested.)

In just the one week I was away from the Arms, the trees fully leafed out and everything has become so GREEN in Greenville. The weather is perfect and the flowers are starting to bloom.

Now I can try to catch up on all of the workshop pictures. We had the pleasure of having workshops taught by Ann Fahl, Eric Weigardt, and Jim McFarlane in the past month.

First let’s talk about Ann Fahl. Ann taught a workshop called “Quilts from the Garden” in which she showed everyone how to interpret a photograph of their favorite flower or flowers into a design that could be created in fabric. The compositions were fused on a pieced background and then Ann explained techniques for free-motion stitching using various specialty threads. Ann had such enthusiasm and charm. It was too bad she was here for only 3 days.

I unfortunately did not get any photos of the workshop itself (I was too busy in the office with chocolate orders) but I did get some great shots of everyone enjoying conversations around the dining room tables.

You can see that chocolate is sort of invading the dining rooms!

Right after Ann’s workshop came Eric Weigardt, a wonderful watercolorist from Washington State.

Here is Eric doing a demo in the inn driveway. I think he likes to stop traffic. On another day the group took over a corner of our neighbor’s business parking lot — of which they were later shooed away from!

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. We can’t wait until Eric returns in 2010.