Fall Artists’ Week AKA Painter’s Week AKA Quilter’s Week AKA Retreat Week

Yes, that means there’s a Spring Artists’ Week. You missed it. Take a look at these wunnerful people having a wunnerful.

They danced the days away. Not to mention the nights. When they weren’t painting that is.

Oh, yes, this is a Photo Op and yes, these people are now famous.

And what did they do besides paint and dance? Well, eat. And here’s our famous Chef setting up our wunnerful buffet! Look at that!

Skip Lawrence Photo Op

And here’s the Master himself, Skip Lawrence:

Whether they were eating,


or working hard, everyone had a blast.

Ain’t that right girls?

Yeah, that’s right. If you missed this workshop again, I piddy you. 😉 If you want to get in, sign up now!

Natalie Sewell is in the house

I’m still waiting for the Skip pictures. However, we are now into our fiber art program and we had a birthday. Diane had a birthday and I make her favorite. German Chocolate cake. I also made a chocolate sign with Happy Birthday on it. Unfortunately, no pictures. Dang!

InnSane: Peak


Well, I think it’s Peak Color Season right now. On the thru-way and every place put here. We still have plenty of leaves that are green. So, come and see these beautiful colors.

Calling all day students

We have 5 student slots open for Skip Lawrence’s class and only 1 room left at the inn. So, day students, come on! BTW, just to be clear, we’re talking 2007.

Other classes are filling up fast. Get your enrollments in if you wish to sign up this year. Remember Dec 31 is the cut off for entree into the drawing. First prize, free tuition!

David Taylor Photo Op: Downunder on Top

The wunnerful class watching

this wunnerful man paint

who came with his beautiful and talented wife.

Ahhhh! What a cute photo!

So many David’s this year. 3 or 4 teachers and so many students.

And now, the ubiquitous eating photos