Introducing Our 2021 Instructors & Schedule

Introducing Our 2021 Instructors & Schedule

As promised, we’re releasing our 2021 schedule early this year to give you something to look forward to if you aren’t ready to sign up for a workshop this year given the uncertainty of the times and travel. Alternatively, you might just find that the instructor you’ve been waiting for is now on the books! Below you’ll find a list of dates, instructors, the media they plan to use in the workshop, and workshop titles if they are available at this time.

While we typically load the full descriptions on to our website in July, we’ll work towards cobbling that together for you sooner this year. If you have any questions in the mean time, please feel free to reach out!

Finally, we are actively taking enrollments for all of these workshops at this time. If you are in a financially secure situation at this time and are looking for ways to help keep your favorite art workshops destination afloat – enrolling in a 2021 workshop is a fantastic way to do so! Alternatively, if you’re not able to – let your friends know about us! Share our posts on social media or request a paper brochure!

Get more information on how to enroll.

2021 Schedule of Workshops

March 14-20 | Nancy Crow | Fiber | Sets & Variables III – Wait List Only

March 21-27 | Nancy Crow | Fiber | Sets & Variables III – Wait List Only

April 7-11 | Alvaro Castagnet | Watercolor | Understanding The Four Pillars

April 11-17 | Denise Labadie | Fiber | Art Quilt Design Intensive

April 18-24 | Sue Stone | Fiber

April 25-May 1 | Sally Strand | All Painting Media

May 2-8 | Ann Shaw | Fiber | Designing From Nature

May 9-15 | Robert Burridge | Acrylic

May 19-23 | Barbara Nechis | Watercolor

May 23-29 | John MacDonald | Oil/Acrylic

May 29-June 2 | Margaret Evans | All Painting Media | Pushing The Boundaries – Pastel with Partners

June 2-6 | Melanie Morris | Acrylic

June 6-12 | Katie Pasquini Masopust | Fiber

June 13-19 | Jane Davies | Acrylic/Mixed Media

June 20-26 | Debora Stewart | Pastel/Mixed Media | Expressive Abstracts for Pastel & Acrylics

June 26-30 | Patti Mollica | Acrylic/Oil

July 7-11 | Lesley Riley | Mixed Media

July 11-17 | Margaret Dyer | Pastel | Figures in Pastel

July 18-24 | Michael Solovyev | Watercolor | Cityscape & Urban Sketching

July 25-31 | Kim English | Oil | Capturing The Moment

August 1-7 | Melissa Sobotka | Fiber | PhotoReal Fiber Art

August 8-14 | Lorraine Turner | Fiber | Whale of a Good Time

August 15-21 | Lisa Binkley | Fiber | Botanical Print & Dye

August 22-28 | Deborah Boschert | Fiber | Inspired Art Quilt Collage

August 29-September 4 | John Lovett | Watercolor | Taking Control – Extending Watercolor Techniques

September 5-11 | Artist Retreat Week | All Welcome

September 12-18 | David Taylor | Watercolor | Color, Atmosphere, & Magic in Watercolor

September 19-25 | David Daniels | Watercolor

September 26-October 2 | Alain Picard | Pastel/Oil | Painterly Landscapes & Portraits

October 3-9 | Skip Lawrence | All Painting Media | Mentored Class

October 10-16 | Sue Benner | Fiber | Sewing The Land

October 17-23 | Koo Schadler | Egg Tempra

October 27-31 | Dani Ives | Fiber

October 31-November 6 | Deborah Fell | Fiber | Layered Cloth Construction & the Slow Stitch

November 7-13 | Sue Spargo | Fiber

December 1-5 | David Hornung | All Painting Media

Deceber 5-11 | Jane Sassaman | Fiber | Abstracting From Nature

Our Status During COVID-19

Our Status During COVID-19

These are unprecedented times and we’re pivoting to adapt to them just like all of you. The Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, where we host our workshops, is our home as well as our place of business. It is of paramount importance to us that our home be as safe as we can possibly make it, while still warmly welcoming everyone who comes our way.

Of course, we can’t predict how the situation will evolve and change. So, we and we hope you too will be following the guidance released by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) & World Health Organization (WHO) and adapt our plans and daily lives accordingly.

Important Information For April & May Workshops

At this time our season is continuing on as planned with our first workshop beginning in April. Like everyone else we’re enhancing our cleaning routines with special attention to disinfecting common hand holds and surfaces around our facility. Once the season starts, guests will see our staff cleaning common areas multiple times throughout the day and we will also have hand sanitizer and bleach wipes available for personal use during your stay.

If you are enrolled in one of our spring workshops and find yourself coming down with relevant symptoms just before – please get in touch with us. We’ll work together to be socially responsible about containing the spread of this virus but still get you the creative time you’re looking for.

For as long as it is recommended, we will also be instituting social distancing procedures during out workshops. This will include different table arrangements within the studio and offering all meals to-go. Students will have the option of making the best choice for themselves on where to dine – whether it be in their room, outdoors, or elsewhere.

If you’re looking for official recommendations on travel within the United States at this time, we will point you toward this excellent breakdown from the CDC:

On Being A Small Business During This Time

Just like small businesses, service industry workers, artists, musicians, and freelancers everywhere around the world – we are deeply feeling the economic impacts of this event. As a business based on bringing people together, we don’t know what our future holds – but we do know it’s time to do the right thing and take measures to be socially responsible.

Part of being socially responsible for us is working to continue to employ our year-round staff and getting our seasonal staff onboard, working, and paid just as they had planned on. That means we need to pivot our business model to both meet your needs in a socially responsible way.

As we share the new ways we’re working to keep our business running and employees paid – please share them with your friends! If you’re in a financially secure situation through all of this – please consider transferring to another workshop instead of cancelling, enroll in a 2021 workshop (we’ll have the schedule up on our website this week), or purchasing a gift certificate for another wonderful human.