Abstract Art Quilts with Liz Berg

Our Fall fiber art workshop series got off to a great start with Liz Berg teaching a 5-day workshop: Creating Original Art Quilts. It was a small but eager group and they wasted no time getting into the meat of the topic.

The first two days were spent with design and composition exercises. Then on Wednesday everyone was cut loose to start creating! Some fabulous pieces emerged over the final three days of the class. These photos were just after the first day of creating!

IMG 2759
IMG 2760
IMG 2761
IMG 2762
IMG 2763
IMG 2764
IMG 2765

This week is a full class with Sue Benner, but there is still space in the other Fall workshops:

Musing about the Artist Retreat

Another fun and productive artist retreat week came to a close last Saturday. We enjoyed seeing the “regulars” as well as meeting several new artists. Some folks came for the full 6 nights and some for 3 nights.

John Skrabalak is one of our regulars and calls the retreat his muse. He completed at least 10 canvases this week! Last year his retreat paintings all went to a one-man show in which several of the pieces sold.

IMG 2754

As is was a smallish group this year, everyone was able to take full advantage of the space in the studio to spread out around multiple tables.

IMG 2753
IMG 0523

Colleen was amazingly productive, too, even though she was here for only three days. She worked on multiple pieces at the same time. Colleen originally discover us when her medium was fiber/fabric, but then she discovered a collage technique that allowed her to still work with the layering of color but at a much faster pace!

IMG 0524

Colleen’s friend Dawn also painted some fabulous abstract collages in grays. I loved these!

IMG 0525

Meanwhile, outside we had unusually warm weather and bright sunny skies, perfect for walks around the “back forty” to work off the chocolate chip and snicker doodle cookies enjoyed during cookie break time!

IMG 0520

An Interview with Mel Stabin – Watercolor Artist

Stabin mel lg2014Mel Stabin has been teaching watercolor workshops at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops for decades. If you’ve ever taken a workshop with Mel, you understand why he is such a popular teacher.

Mel taught here this past summer and, of course, is already scheduled for a return engagement in 2016.

We interviewed Mel prior to his workshop and these are his responses to our questions.

How long have you been teaching and what got you started teaching?

I have been conducting watercolor painting workshops throughout the US and abroad for over 25 years. My teacher and mentor, Ed Whitney, who I studied with at Pratt Institute, was renowned as one of the great teachers of his time. His love of teaching and his love of the medium of watercolor had a profound influence in both my advertising career and subsequent career as a watercolor teacher.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

Relating to students by helping them discover the joy of watercolor and its magical and transparent qualities.

What would you tell your prospective students are three best reasons for taking a workshop?

To gain more confidence as an artist by learning the many aspects of painting, to be in the company of fellow artists, and to have fun.

What are you currently working on in your own art?

Painting nature’s varied moments.

Where is your art currently being exhibited?

The North East Watercolor Society.
Stabin mel sm

Do you sell your work in any online gallery?

The New American Gallery at www.newamgallery.com

What is your favorite art quote?

My favorite art quote is by the American artist and teacher Robert Henri… “There are moments in our lives, there are moments in a day, when we seem to see beyond the usual. Such are the moments of our greatest happiness. Such are the moments of our greatest wisdom. If one could but recall his vision by some sort of sign. It was in this hope that the arts were invented. Sign-posts on the way to what may be. Sign-posts toward greater knowledge.”

Stabin mel lg2014c

Describe your studio.

My art studio occupies an entire floor. It is a large room with many windows and a skylight, which provide abundant natural light. I have a drafting table to paint on and a floor to ceiling wall of shelves which hold all of my art books and art supplies. I also have a wooden cabinet with ten drawers large enough to store my watercolor paintings of all sizes as well as extra watercolor paper.

Name five of your “can’t” do without tools/products.

  • Hake paintbrush made with goat hair by Holbein.
  • Backpack that holds all of my equipment including my easel, paper, paints, brushes, etc. When traveling, it conveniently can be stored in the overhead compartment of airplanes.
  • Mat cutter… I cut all of my own bevelled edge mats.
  • Sketch pad so I can use some of my sketches that I’ve done during my travels as reference for future paintings.
  • Camera to take pictures of people and places for my photo albums of my travels and, as with sketches, to use as reference for future paintings.

More Recent Instructor Interviews:

Oil Painting Landscapes with John MacDonald

John was incredible! Energetic and caring that we become better artists. I attended an art academy for 4 years and John’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.” Melanie Stackhouse

John MacDonald recently taught a 5-day painting workshop. This full class enjoyed painting outside just about every day. They were also the first class of the season to paint at the newly opened Long View Park in New Baltimore. The park had lovely views of rolling fields surrounded by forest that was just starting to change to Autumn colors.

IMG 2678
IMG 2679
IMG 2685
IMG 2689
IMG 2691
IMG 2700

On the one day that rain threatened, the group painted around the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, home of the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, just in case they needed to sprint back inside if rain actually started falling. Luckily, it stayed beautiful all day.

IMG 2712

Some people choose to work inside for part of the day to focus on completing paintings that they started on previous days.

IMG 2714

John was always available for some one-on-one instruction and must have logged several miles just at the inn with the group spread out all over the 6 acres!

IMG 2716
IMG 2717
IMG 2720
IMG 2724
IMG 2725
IMG 2727
IMG 2728
IMG 2729

If you didn’t make it into this class, John MacDonald will be back in 2016 with another workshop!