Oil Painting Classes

We have a lot of oil painter’s call about oil painting workshops. I thought I’d do them a service by putting all of in one blog page. So, here’s the first. I got interrupted while doing this and therefore only have time to put up the first one. More coming.

August 20 – 26
Outdoor Workshop
Ned Mueller
Oil, Pastel, Acrylic Workshop
All Levels

September 7 – 10
Outdoor Workshop
Howard Rose
Oil Workshop
All Levels

September 10 – 16
Outdoor Workshop
David Curtis
Oil Workshop
All Levels

Artists’ Week, AKA Painter’s Week, AKA Quilter’s Week

Is off to a great start. We’re having a blast.

I served the salmon. This week, I’ll probably do two new dishes, the steak and eggs, the mac and cheese and I may do one more, meat loaf. But then again, I may not.

Everyone here is having a grand and lovely time. Sigh. No pictures.

Well, tomorrow, Kim is coming home. Yea! With the camera!

2006 Fiber Art and Art Quilt Schedule


Three Day Workshops

October 19 – 22
Designing Your Own Landscape Quilt

Natalie Sewell
Free-form Construction, Painting
All Levels

November 30 – December 3
Exploring the Surface:
an Integrated Approach

Judith Trager
Painting, Layering, Applique
All Levels

Five Day Workshops

October 22 – 28
Drawing, Painting, Realism in Machine Embroidery

BJ Adams
Layer & Blend Threads for Realistic Images
All Levels

November 5 – 11
Surface to Surface:
Pattern in Nature and Fabric

Carol Anne Grotrian
Surface Design with Resists, Stamping, Painting
All Levels

November 12 – 18
Fabric Painting

Ginny Eckley
Painting, Free-Motion Stitching
All Levels

December 3 – 9
Designing from Nature

Ruth McDowell
Machine Piecing Techniques
Intermediate and Advanced

Eric Wiegardt’s Workshop has ended


And a boohoo for all you who did not come. It was one of the most fun workshops we’ve every had here. People laughed, sang, danced and painted. Well, maybe not too much singing and dancing.

And all this and me without my camera. Dangers.

They loved the food, especially the desserts and the paella was grand. You’ll have to take his class in 2008 now.

We look forward to seeing you at our other workshops this year.

InnSane Trip


Adina, our daughter, is graduating college. We are very proud of her. She is in graduate school now.

Kim has gone to her commencements. I cannot go, unfortunately. However, Kim has taken the camera so no pictures of anything until she gets back.

Sorry about that Eric. No pictures. Not even of my gorgeous tulips which are fully in bloom. Sigh.

Eric Wiegardt’s Wunner Watercolor Workshop


Yup. You missed yet another great workshop by a brand new teacher, Eric Weigardt, here at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. We’ve had a slew of new people this year.

What else have you missed? Well, I did two dishes that will be featured next year. Mac and Cheese, based on the idea by Thomas Keller but derailed by Top Chef. What it is is a special stuffed Cannelloni (I grew up calling it Manicotti and we made it with rigatoni) covered with cheese and French Black Winter “Perigord” truffles and baked. Yummer.

I could give you my recipe for the cheese stuffing and the cream sauce etc. But you haven’t asked. And you must be at a workshop to ask. 😉

I’m also giving these people a new yummy dessert. They’ll love it. They loved the mac and cheese. This dessert is lady fingers with.. well, let me just say that it isn’t terrimisu, I do not like terrimisu!

The other dish, one we’ll have next year, was steak and eggs. It’s a brioche with sliced steak and cheese and a poached egg on top. Nice. I’m going to put Italian Winter White Truffle on it next year. This dish could go either way. It could be steak and eggs or it could be a Philly Cheese steak. I served that as well on brioche.

See what you’re missing. Eric Weigardt’s class and some new dishes. Well, all the dishes are new this year except the Maple Salmon (center of plate) but I’m talking ultra new.

Pictures of Eric’s work to follow.

Oh, btw, I’ll be serving Mac and Cheese at Zhang Hong Nian’s workshop and most probably at David Daniels. So, if you do watercolor, and want to try this dish, sign up for David’s course. I probably wont do any more of these this year.

Maybe for some of the quilting classes in the Winter.

InnSane Salmon


My most requested recipe:

3 maple syrup, use high quality fancy (light amber) syrup. Putnam Family has a great product at a great price.
1 Soy Sauce

So, that’s 3:1 maple to soy. 3/4 cup to 1/4 cup is a good amount for about 8 salmon.

Now, I like putting in a load of garlic. I usually use about 2 table spoons. But have at it. Then I grind up some fresh pepper and season to taste.

Next, for about 1 hour, marinate the salmon filets. Reserve some of the sauce for later. Bake in oven at 350 for 16-20 depending on filets, oven, your taste.

Take some of the reserved sauce and brush on fillet directly before serving. Remember, no extra salt is needed here. Soy is salting enough.

Not the best picture but here it is served with maki and my root veg trio.


Jame McFarlane Photos

Kim charged it and now here are pictures from James Mcfarlane’s Watercolor Workshop. That was a super fast turn-around by Kim.

To honor James,

I created a new dish. Here is the recipe.

Got it?

InnSane Recipe

Here are some pictures from the first day. They are “at a critical juncture.” What juncture? “First time paint is applied to paper.” So they’re having a good time. Don’t let those serious, critical juncture, faces fool you.

Some thoughts from BJ Adams on her class

Kim: How difficult is it to paint with thread?

BJ: It isn’t difficult but does take time for the work that looks painted. The lace work and images that are drawn are quite fast….check out Variations on ‘H’ (hands) and Contemplating Chaos on the web site. Chaos has a drawn figure and the Hands piece is just lace.

If students start out with something simple that can go quickly, they learn free-motion as they create an image. I usually have them start with a tree. It looks complicated but is very simple to do. A single leaf is harder with all the shades of an Autumn leaf. Shading of colors and shadows (mixing colors) takes a lot of thread changes in the machine, much like mixing paint. It’s not complicated, but you end up really looking at details….seeing!

I encourage participants to draw, especially those who want to go on and sell their work….that way they have their own style and are not copying someone else’s work. Many say they can’t draw but they can. I like colored pencils to create my original image since a line of pencil is like a line of thread, except we can go light over dark with thread. One needs a two dimensional image by the machine to keep referring back to, while embroidering whether it is a drawing or a photograph. For a tree, you only need to look out a window and can wing it.

Painting, Drawing, and Realism in Machine Embroidery
Layering and blending threads to create realistic images
BJ Adams
October 22-28, 2006
All Levels

Kim: Is it also for beginners?

BJ: I find students at all levels…those who just want to have a hobby and those who are professionals. This workshop is aimed at all levels.

Whether your free-motion machine subjects are realistic, stylized, or abstract, the results can appear painted, drawn, or lace-like. These images can be part of or added to wall hangings, quilts, wearable art, or functional textiles.

There will be many examples, books, and pictures available as well as slides to be shown.

Kim: It sounds like a fun class. Thank you.

BJ: You’re welcome

Lois Woolley Photos, many much

The cast of characters…

Lois Woolley people!

Her class!

La Maestra painting my lovely Kim for a late night demo. Boy, Lois is a hard working instructor. She did 2 extra night demos. You missed a wunnerful class.

Children of the night! This is not normally how she paints the eyes but in this quick demo, this is how it came out.

And now they are painted in.

A beautiful finished, though quick, portrait. For more of Lois’ work, please go to her website. You’d be lucky to have your portrait done by Lois.

Now her students wunnerful work. They’re painting Paul, one of our models.

Lois Woolley Photo Op


Where’s the pictures? Where’s the pictures?

I spent the last two nights watching Lois as she painted Kim. Not only is she a great painter but a very natural instructor. I would love to show you the pictures but they are still on the camera and someone has not yet down loaded them.

They’re coming folks. And what a treat they’ll be.

InnSane Spring


The weather is beautiful! It’s very pleasant, cool and fresh.

Lois Woolley’s class starts today and she’s bringing her husband,
Zhang Hong Nian. (Trust me, it really is Zhang Hong Nian. Trust me, Lo Jen Yu.) Lois is a great instructor and this will be a fun class.

If you haven’t signed up for this amazing portrait class, I feel for you.

Wow Melody

Well, make that 2 more people signed up for Melody Johnson’s 2007 workshop. At this rate, it’ll be full before the year’s out. If you want to sign up, you can either call us or print out 2007 enrollment form. (This takes a few seconds to come up.)

Did you know that Melody’s class started up a Yahoo group to keep in touch. Melody says that that is the first time this ever happened.

Come and enjoy! Don’t worry, you really don’t have to diet, well, not that much.

Whoa. While I was writing this, 4 more people signed up. If this keeps up, this workshop will be filled by the end of this month! 🙂 Probably fill by the end of the summer. But you never know. It could take as long as 3 months to fill. Don’t worry, if you miss this one, there’s always the next Melody workshop. But don’t miss this one.

Melody Johnson, Lesley Riley and Laura Cater-Woods

Here are the dates for these great teachers. Indeed, they are coming back and we are happy to have them. So, here are the dates. Sign up now and be an early bird. How do you sign up? Well, you can either call us or email us. We can send you an early bird form, remember, early birds are entered into the raffle for a prize drawing. Or you can just sign up on the phone. You can also download a 2007 enrollment form and note that the class you are signing up up for is in 2007 or 2008. Enjoy! Here are the teachers.

Melody Johnson – March 25 – 31, 2007

Laura Cater-Woods – December 9 – 15, 2007

Lesley Riley – September 4 – 7, 2008

The weather here of late has been fantastic. Truly April is the month for workshops. Remember that. Yes, we’ve had a little rain but for the most part the weather has been fine. Cool. Not too windy and fresh. Muy rico.