Kale is King

I just served a new small white bean, kale and scallion dish that people loved. With my new stuffed lamb, yum, chops that were also scarfed. The lamb and yes, the kale, will be on next year’s comfort food menu. With this I served my ever lovin’, major famous garlic bread like non-other.

For dessert, the completely yummified cheese cake. Oooh.

Tomorrow will be the flank steak, BBQ’ed natch, with the chimichurri sauce. Ouch. Pinch me. Can food BE this good? And of course I’ll make the kaiser rolls with both blue and white poppy seeds. Only you can answer.

Did I mention we also now serve fresh squeezed OJ? I ask you. What more can you want? Orange French Toast. OK. That’s on the menu as well. Have at it. What can I say? If you didn’t come to a workshop this year or stay as an inn guest, I’m sorry to hear that. We had some fantastic painting instructors. Only thing that’s left is painter’s week and then the great fiber art workshops.

Stay tuned to www.artworkshops.com for 2007 workshop information. The brochures are out. And don’t forget to sign up for our email news letter.

Mary Whyte Photo Op: Happy Folks

And here is the unsurpassed Mary Whyte. They loved her.

Here are the “they” who enjoyed this class. Too bad you weren’t here. Ah, the memories.

People loved this class. Everyone had a great time and was much refreshed by the class. And they also loved the food. Gourmet and yet homey.

And a full belly was had by all.

Ned Mueller Photo Op: more to come

And a great time was had by all? How do we know it? Well… First, here’s the fun maker Ned:

And here are his happy painters:

And here they are having a great time at dinner. Look at these people, fercryinoutloud!

Here are the culprits. First the ring leader, Chaz:

And her gang! 😉

We did have fun. And also finally, Kim has given me all the pictures from the workshops.

Salmon is King!

I ordered some sockeye and was delivered a monster King salmon. I BBQ’ed it and then served it after I finish cutting it up and blotting the excess liquid off the skin. I served it with the crispy skin, skin-side up. I used the convection fans to recrisp up the skin. For the sockeye, because it isn’t as fatty as the King or the Atlantic salmon, I usually pan fry it in butter. The Atlantic I use my maple marinade.

Nice. It was beautiful. Everyone loved it and the salmon was cooked to perfection.