A Bit of Scotland in the Catskills

The weather seemed intent on making Margaret Evans feel right at home with a bit of mistiness every day, in between the sunshine.


On Thursday, the group went over to Olana, the historic home of Frederick Church. When lunch was delivered at noon, the class was still in their gear but having a good time in spite of the drizzle.


Soon after lunch, the sun came out to reward the class for their enthusiastic spirt! Margaret always brings out the party spirit in all her students.


Next year Margaret will be back again, this time to teach a 3-day workshop on the versatility of pastels!

Watercolor to Pastel

David Taylor’s class finished off the week with one and half days at Coeyman’s Landing. The first day it started raining soon after they got there that they were only able to get photo references, but it was such a subject rich location that everyone decided that it was worth going back the next day, which cooperated by being a beautifully sunny Fall day.


Back at the inn for the final dinner on Friday night, David showed off his style by wearing his new Crazy Tie (a hand-made quilted tie featuring guitars) and fabulously colorful socks!


This week Margaret Evans of Scotland is here teaching a 5-day pastel workshop.

After lunch, Margaret presented a demo outside with the Carriage House as the subject.


We’re crossing our fingers for more good weather for more outdoor painting!

Watercolor Landscapes with One of Australia’s Finest!

David Taylor has won several Gold Medals, including the $20,000 Haroldson Camberwell Rotary, one of the biggest and prestigious competitions in Australia!

We are always pleased to have David teaching workshop for us at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. Monday started out a bit drizzly, but it wasn’t long until the sun came out and the temps climbed to the 80s.

After lunch the group walked over the Veteran’s Park pond to spend the afternoon painting. The water of the pond was as smooth as glass, creating a stunning reflection of the blue sky and fluffy white clouds.


Some students watched as David did another demo and others just jumped in to painting.


A couple people turned their backs on the scenic pond, preferring instead to paint Tommy’s Hot Dog trailer.


Ann Linday, Watercolor, and Irene

It has been an eventful weekend, to say the least! On Saturday, Ann Lindsay and her full workshop of students arrived at our inn, the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, to enjoy 3 days of a studio watercolor workshop — and enjoy it they did, even though Irene, “Ms Tropical Storm”, arrived on Sunday!

Our little creek that runs through the property became a torrent, overflowing its banks and covering half the parking lot with water.


We had everyone who had parked on that side move their cars to the town hall parking lot that is next to us just to be safe, although the water never was more than about 4 to 6 inches.

Here is one of our bridges that crosses over our normally mild mannered creek!


But a bit of water and wind can’t keep a good watercolorist down! Ann Lindsay and the group kept warm and dry in the Carriage House studio. We had electricity all through the storm except for about 3 hours in the middle of the day.

Since the creek was preventing anyone from venturing outside the studio, Mark and I (none of our staff were able to make it to work that day – not surprising) made all the lunches and cookies for the class and then drove (thank goodness we have 4-wheel drive) around to our access road that brings us in on the Carriage House side of the creek, and then carried in the boxes of lunches to the studio, wading through about 1 foot of slowly moving water. We also brought them coffee and carrot cake!

Around 3 pm, the heavy rain stopped and the water immediately started to recede so that by 5 pm the creek was running below the bridges and the parking lot was clear of water.

The next morning the sun came out and you would never have known anything had gone amiss! Just look at this innocent looking little creek as it appeared on Monday morning.


Amazingly, the pool stayed crystal clear and bright blue through the whole thing, even though most of the lawn area you see in this picture was covered with flowing water during the storm.


This back lawn was also covered with flowing water. You can see the few tree branches that were carried on the lawn from the water.


The larger of our two bridges took the brunt of the force of the water and the pounding of the debris that was carried down the creek. The railing was broken by some rather large tree limbs, but the bridge held fast and strong. The railing was fixed yesterday and the structure of the bridge checked out fine.


But meanwhile, back in the studio — everyone was enjoying their time with Ann Lindsay!


All-in-all it was a wonderful workshop with a great instructor and a great bunch of people, one we’d love to repeat — just without the weather excitement!