Impressionistic Fabric Art with Lenore Crawford

An excellent teacher – a great adaptable technique, very clearly explained. The set up was great – loved so many electrical plugs and good chairs!” – Juliet Nowlan

We had a wonderful week with Lenore Crawford. Lenore was here teaching her 5-day class “Impressionistic Fabric Art.” Everyone had some great starts to the pieces with a wide range of subject matter.

IMG 2839
IMG 2838
IMG 2840
IMG 2841
IMG 2842
IMG 2843
IMG 2844
IMG 2845
IMG 2846
IMG 2847
IMG 2848
IMG 2849
IMG 2850

Curves, Dimension, and Color with Vikki Pignatelli

Exceeded expectations! Learned so many techniques and got to use them in our own creations. Great teacher! Also, thank you for accommodating my dietary needs. The dinning room service was excellent.” – April Modlinger

IMG 2828

Every day of Vikki Pignatelli’s workshop, she brought out more of her stunning quilt to display in the studio and to illustrate the techniques she taught.

IMG 2827
IMG 2833
IMG 2834

Vikki’s husband, Dennis, came along as Vikki’s assistant and helped out where ever he was needed.

IMG 2835

Below are some examples of student work on the final day of the class. Still works in progress but well on their way to being wonderful finished pieces.

IMG 2836
IMG 2837

Driven to Abstraction with Sue Benner

The always fun and inspiring Sue Benner was here last week teaching her “Driven to Abstraction” workshop. This was a very productive class that really threw themselves into all the daily design exercises presented by Sue.

IMG 2766
IMG 2769
IMG 2772
IMG 2783
IMG 2793
IMG 2795
IMG 2798
IMG 2799
IMG 2800
IMG 2801
IMG 2803

Here is the entire happy crew!

IMG 2805 copy

The last night of the workshop was Halloween, so we invited the class to join in with costumes and a number of them really had some great looks, especially JoLee Tarbell. Don’t you just love that 10′ feather boa and striped stockings!

IMG 2806

The group gathered in the front parlor before dinner, snapping photos of everyone who appeared in costume.

IMG 2807
IMG 2810

Even Chef Mark and Kadi, one of our servers, joined in the fun. How often do you get to say your dinner was made by a wizard and served by Pippi Longstocking?!

IMG 2811

The cut-leave maple in back of the Main Inn was in full glowing Fall color during the class.

IMG 2820

If you missed this class, Sue Benner will be back again in 2015 teaching “Construction / Abstraction.”