Carla’s Portraits and Headshots of Hudson and Bree

OK. These are more like headshots but they’re not traditional head shots. Then there is also a portrait of me in there. We had a big bonfire when John and Carla came out to see us, burning the culled wood from our woods. Maybe portrait is stretching it a bit. Head shot would be really stretching it. Perhaps just shot!

Thanks Carla for the portraits and headshots and the just shots. 😉

Carla Coria Photography: Bree Headshot

Well, Carla (Coria), my brother John’s girlfriend, has a photography studio called Carla Coria Photography and she does, among other things, headshots. She does portraits as well. And these photographs are more portrait than headshot but I like the idea that Bree has a headshot!

Bree’s our new puppy. She’s a Rodesian Ridgeback and a sweet dog. Hudson loves her very much, as do we all. Carla also took some pictures of Hudson but she didn’t send those, just Bree’s Headshot or Portrait or whatever.

Enjoy and check out Carla’s webpage. She’s great and cheap for headshots!

Here’s Bree’s headshot!

Oh, so cute!

Beautiful! Thanks Carla!

The Artist Journal: Marge’s Painting

Dear Mark and Kim,

It would be lovely to have my painting on the blog…..thank you. Also thank you for the brochure, and the nice memories.


Here you go Marge. Thanks for the picture. Enjoy everyone.

Paul George: Studio Class

The idea on Paul George’s class is that it will be studio while taking inspiration from the outdoors. You will go outdoors, if you wish, but the bulk to all of the class will be studio.

Just wanted to clarify that.

Still no snow. And it’s 40 degrees this morning. Sigh. Very warm here.