Beer and Lightening with Bob Burridge

We had an impressive lightening storm during Bob Burridge’s workshop and Bob was thrilled with it! It turns out that he loves spectacular displays of weather, so during the storm some of us sat out on the front porch sipping beer and watching the show.

The weather during the rest of the workshop was beautiful which was great for experimenting with CitraSolv. CitraSolv is a natural cleaner and degreaser that many artists have begun to use for artistic purposes — so much so that CitraSolv has an entire section of their website devoted to artists using CitraSolv.

Bob took the class out on the lawn in back of the workshop studio to show how CitraSolv can be sprinkled on National Geographic magazines to create wild and wonderful collage papers.


The class also celebrated Lois’ birthday by requesting a specially decorated chocolate chip cookie at cookie time!


And Bob lead everyone in a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday.


Meanwhile everyone continued to produce some amazing work all around the studio. In this corner we have John, Elizabeth, Peggy, and Dale. Most people worked standing up and were able to use the table risers we provide to raise the height of the tables.


In this corner is Cristina and Louise. You can see out the windows how green the landscape around that inn has become.


That big grin on Tanya’s face is probably because she got into the class 2 days before it began due to a last minute cancellation by someone else! Bob had a long waiting list for this years class and already his next years class is starting to fill.


On Friday night after dinner everyone gathered for a group photo. What a happy crowd!


Robert Burridge is in the House

Robert Burridge, the charismatic artist and instructor from southern California, is here all this week teaching abstract painting and collage to a full workshop.

You think he could be a little more enthusiastic?!!


It is day two of the workshop, but already the studio is bursting with wonderful painting exercises and experiments. Bob says “come prepared to paint your stuff” and he means it.


Elizabeth M. got a special surprize this afternoon — a lovely bouquet of white flowers “sent” by her three dogs, who miss her very much. Elizabeth said they must have gotten worry about her coming back when they heard what a fantastic time she was having at the workshop. Those dogs sure know how to pick a great bunch of flowers!


Outside the studio there is plenty of action with color, too. The trees are filling out with leaves, the lilacs are blooming, and the peonies buds are just about ready to burst open. Remember a couple of blog posts ago when there was a photo of Paul George doing a painting demo of this very same view? Now you can barely see the inn behind the oak and maple trees!


Spirals and Value to Value with Carol Taylor

Everyone in Carol’s class seemed to work non-stop! Each piece was unique to the individual.


As this was the last day of the workshop, everyone gathered for a class picture on the porch of one of the cottage rooms. Thank goodness the weather cooperated and the sun came out just at this moment

These are the small pieces that were create first to learn the technique and process.


And this is the long narrow pieces that everyone created after that! Some glorious colors.


Carol Taylor will be teaching for us again next year. The class will be titled Improvisational Scrap Quilts. Already this class is generating a lot of interest. So don’t wait too long to get in on the fun.

Carol Taylor’s Improvisational Art Quilts

Carol Taylor, the renowned award-winning art quilter from Pittsford, NY, is here this week teaching a multitude of techniques for improvisational art quilts.

This afternoon she was explaining how she attaches yarn to the quilt in those perfect spirals that you often see on her quilts.


After the demo, Carol went around to each person to for further individual guidance with the technique.


It’s been a good couple of days to stay in the studio what with all the on and off rain, but at least the lilacs are loving it!


May Workshops – Watercolor, Fabric, and Acrylic Collage

It has been a quiet first week of May, especially after the lively crew here for Paul George’s workshop!


However, the fun is about to begin again!

Coming up next is a 3-day watercolor workshops with Barbara Nechis – May 12 – 15. There is a couple spots left in this workshop.


Right after Barbara, we have a wonderful fabric and fiber fest with Carol Taylor teaching a 5-day workshop, May 15 – 21, on improvisational piecing and fiber embellishment.


Following Carol’s class, is Robert Burridge teaching one of his “Loosening Up” workshops. This class is full with a long wait list, but never fear, Bob will be back again in 2012.