InnSanely Hot


Well, it’s been very warm during the day. It’s been in the 60’s. This is almost December people and it’s been hot. The nights have been cool. Right now it’s 48. The averages are 19 and 7 degrees. If this isn’t global warming, what is? If you look at the averages in this chart, you’ll see what trouble we’re in.

On the bright side, this means that the winter workshops wont be that cold. But then again, the skiing wont be that great either. Sigh. All you manhattanites, head for high ground!

Natalie Sewell Photo Op: Finally got them

Well, it has finally turned cold and I am finally putting up the Fiber Art Workshops pictures and it’s finally Thanksgiving and finally, I’m ending this sentence. Here are the pictures. The class, as you will notice, was big, about 16 people plus Natalie and we used 8 foot tables as well as kept all the furniture in place. And look at that space, not to mention the 24 new circuits that we put into the studio with floor plugs not less. Don’t forget, these guys also used easels to display their quilts. Tables, easels and couches, oh my!

Are they having fun? You bet they are! Sorry, no dining shots. but they had fun eating too! It was a great workshop.

InnSane Houston


We just got back from the International Quilt Festival. A great show. We had pretty good sign-ups for the fiber art workshops. The funny thing is, we also had some pretty good sign-ups for the painting workshops. Whohoo.

Kim will be downloading the pictures of the booth as well as the last two fiber art workshops. Pictures coming soon.