Valentine’s Day Chocolates!

It’s all about the romance. It’s about the chocolate. If you care about romance or chocolate then you’ve come to the right blog.

Here are some of the mixed boxes and solid hearts we have ready at Life by Chocolate. Mixed chocolates include chocolates that look like hearts. Some are decorated hearts. Call us and tell us what you want. You can specify exactly the chocolates you want or buy one of my mixes. Just ask for Fair Trade if you want the Fair Trade. Right now I only have 70% Dark Chocolate in the Fair Trade Chocolate. Call us at 518 966 5219. Check out these pictures.

I love this Book Heart. It’s just so appropriate for so many people. Aunts, moms, and wives.

Best part of all, it has a lot of chocolate in it. Here are some of the chocolates I put in the box. These shown in the picture are made with Fair Trade Chocolate (70%). Yummer.

Or you can get THIS heart. It’s a royal treat. Isn’t it just lovely?
Same chocolate, Fair Trade 70%, different mix of ingredients.

Here is a Sassy Loving Heart. Again, this is the Fair Trade Dark Chocolate I use. This chocolate is 100% American Chocolate. The other one I use is Swiss and it’s also great.

This is my solid rose heart. You can also get one without the rose decoration and it’s about an ounce lighter. You can get this heart or the plain heart in the Sassy Loving Heart box or in the Satin Loving Heart box.

This is the very plush Satin Loving Heart. All of these boxes contain about 4-7 oz of chocolate, depending on the box. The Rose Solid Heart is about 4 oz and the smaller plain heart is about 3 oz. That’s a lot of chocolate.

You can get a mix of chocolates in this satin box. Nice.

Or a solid piece of heaven. Yummer.

Check out this Silver Double Heart. Fantastic. This hold a lot of chocolate.

Just ask for mixed chocolates or specify what you want. Go to and ask for exactly what you want. The web store will be up in a week or two but in the meantime, just call us and we’ll be happy to rush you a great box of chocolates.

Call 518 966 5219.

New Cordials: Pear, Apricot, Current, yum!

I have made new cordials in both dark (Arriba 72%) and milk (Criolait 38%) chocolate. These are new flavors.

Currents and Rum, or as I like to call it Rum Raisins with little raisins. We could call this Drunk Sultanas, too. But strictly this are Zante Currents and Dark Myer’s Rum.

I also made Pear and Poire William. This is amazingly good.

I also made Apricot and Grand Marnier and Apricot with Irish Mist. Where as I love Grand Marnier I must say that Irish Mist with the Apricot is UNBELIEVABLY good. I made them and I can’t believe that these combinations are so good. I’ll just have to take it on faith but you wont because you can buy them right now. I just made a VERY SMALL amount of these. First come first served and then I’ll make more.

I you love my Cherry Cordials, and I know you do, you will absolutely LOVE these new cordials. Yum. Order now. 518 966 5219. The website is coming along. Sigh. I’ll get it done soon. This Tuesday, we’ll set up for photography. Soon. Pictures will come. Oh, and these look like the cherry cordials.