Still Life in Egg Tempera with Koo Schadler

Koo Schadler is here this week teaching a 5-day workshop on using egg tempera for still life paintings. Koo usually teaches a class here every other year and each time it is a real treat. She is so organized, so generous with her vast knowledge of the history of egg tempera and its techniques, and such a wonderful and encouraging teacher.

It is the third day and already the students are well into their paintings.


Toni S. decided to stick with her favorite painting subject – sheep!


Painting By The Pool with Kim English

Around the pool is always a very popular place to paint. There is shade if you want it or you can bask in the sun while thinking of a dip in the pool after class!


Notice that Kim went around to the students in bare feet! I guess he was enjoying the nice green green grass we get in Greenville!


Bjorn set up his easel right at the edge of the pool. I kept watching to see if I could catch a picture of him falling in the pool as he stepped back to look at his painting. Didn’t happen!


On another afternoon the class set up a colorful clothesline scene with the two models on the lawn in back of the studio.


Linda found another shady spot to stand while painting — in the open garage/storage building next to the studio!


Everyone in the class commented about what a wonderful group it was and how it felt like hanging out with old friends. Here are some folks gathering in the dining rooms before dinner.


Quick-Sketch Oil Painting with Kim Enlish

Kim English, the master of the quick-sketch oil painting from Colorado, is here this week teaching a 5 day workshop to a full class.

The first day Kim had the class doing 5 minute paintings with a model in the studio (it was a rainy day). Once the 5 minutes was up, you wiped off your sketch and started a new one with the next pose. Some people just about had heart attacks with the required speed, amount of paint and turp! But there was method to this madness. The next day the pose time was extended to 20 minutes and suddenly this seemed like a long and leisurely amount of time to paint.

And best of all the sun came out mid-day and the class was able to move outside with the two models and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Today the group went out to our favorite local farm. It was a gorgeous day!


Lots of beautiful paintings and beautiful smiles!


Collage Surface Treatments with Gerald Brommer

Gerald Brommer was here last week teaching a workshop on some fun methods for surface treatments. This was a new workshop that he developed and the full class and long waiting list was a testament to the excitement that everyone felt about getting into this workshop.

Jerry started each day with a demonstration of new possibilities.


Then spent most of the day going around the room offering one-on-one guidance to the students.


Some really interesting and texturized surfaces were created!


On the final days Jerry showed the students how to use these textured surface as the base for a watermedia painting.

Here are the painting results from a couple students.


If you missed your change to take a workshop with Gerald Brommer this year, don’t worry, he’ll be back here again in 2013!