Karen Rosasco Playing to a Full House

Karen Rosasco, the award-winning watermedia artist, is here this week teaching an experimental watermedia workshop.

Already some students have expressed interest in signing up for her class here in 2012!

This is only day 2, but Karen has everyone working hard with the various challenges she has issued.


Students have come from far and wide. On this table we have Texas, Minnesota, and Quebec represented, but the prize for the farthest goes to Leo S., who is from Chile.


Karen continually circulates around the room, answering questions and offering individual critiques on the works in progress.


Susan insists that she is not being secretive, just trying to prevent stuff from falling off her table!


This is a great little piece by Sue St John.


A riot of color and materials! Call me crazy, but I just love seeing all that STUFF massed on the tables. Makes you want to just dive in and start creating.


After a full day (and then some) of painting, the group is hungry! Last night’s dinner was a braised short ribs Moroccan style – the short ribs are under all of those savory vegetables . . .


. . . . and fresh corn on the cob. Fresh Blueberry Pie was the topper for the evening.


Tonight’s dish is a favorite from last season – Chicken Thigh on a Portobello Mushroom with an Orange-Soy Glaze. Dessert is chocolate layer cake with a fresh strawberry cream filling. All of the desserts are made fresh in our kitchen each day.

The Spring weather has been wonderful the gardens around the inn. If you are interested in the happenings and gardens around the inn, check out our inn blog – Inn and Around

Recipe: New variation on chicken dish in pot

Basically, you make the edible mirepoix just like normal, then don’t put in the ham or the spicy capicola and instead, when about to serve, put a little bit of white truffle oil on the chicken or better, slice some fresh white truffles on top.

I used Roland which has some real truffles in it.

OK. This is bare bones. So, go to the following recipe and then rather than put the ham in, do the above.