Successful Machine Quilting with Sue Nickels

The incomparable Sue Nickels was here at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops to teach her machine quilting workshop. Sue is the co-author, with her sister Pat Holly, of Machine Quilting: A Primer of Techniques and Stitched Raw Edge Appliqué. This was the first time I had seen Sue’s work up close and in person and all I can say is Wow.


A display of some of Sue’s books and DVDs that she had available for sale in the class.


Sue made good use of technology, with a camera and digital projector, to allow her students to get a good look of her methods without having to all crowd around and look over her shoulders.


The students really enjoyed learning from Sue. Jeanine said, “Sue is very generous with her time and with her knowledge!”


Throughout the course of the 3-day workshop, Sue had a number of different practice exercises, including doing feathers and free-motion work.


This is Dalia, who came all the way from Israel, showing off the nifty idea that Sue showed the class for making it easier to grip the fabric while you are quilting – using the cut off fingers of dishwashing gloves.


Stitched Paintings with Katie Pasquini Masopust

Katie PM is here this week teaching her marvelous stitched paintings process. The first day, the tables were covered with plastic and the painting started in earnest!

Here Katie is giving a demo of layered painting – paint dark lines (or whatever mark), let it dry, and then paint over it. While the second layer is still wet, you can wipe sections away to expose parts of the first layer.


This is all part of the process of creating the canvases that will then be cut apart and then reassembled into another composition.


Very exciting images are developing!

More Landscapes with Gloria Loughman

On the final day of the workshop with Gloria Loughman, as I walked around taking pictures of the landscapes that everyone was creating, I was thoroughly enjoying the amazing creativity!

This is Kathy Nurge with her landscape.


This is Jan Sheet’s birch trees.


Carol Newhart hard at work stitching leaves in place.


A fabulous landscape by Priscilla Kibbee. She worked with it turned this way the entire class. I guess it was easier to look at that way while she was seated right next to it.


Contemplating the design possibilities.


Such vibrant colors!


Debbie Ross finished one landscape and started in on another!


Barb Caldwell said she loves green! So do I.


Can’t remember who’s piece this is, but I love the marching rows of flat head pins.


Painting a Landscape with Fabric

Everyone in Gloria Loughman’s workshop are progressing fabulously with their landscapes.

This is a piece by Tina McHenry.


Carol Newhart is working on this piece with the brilliant Fall colors.


You’ll have to turn your head to view the landscape by Priscilla Kibbee! Debbie Quarrington is actually piecing all of those diamonds of fabric for the background of her landscape. Wow.


Gloria brought paints and yummy Rainbow threads by Superior Threads. I noticed quite a few colors that I must add to my collection — actually I’d like them all!


I just love this imaginative piece by Bonnie Pennybacker.


Nancy Trowbridge is using thread-sketching to create birch tree trunks for her landscape. They turned out beautiful.


Paints in use by the class.


Gloria constantly circulated through the classroom offering guidance where ever it was needed or requested.


All the tools a fiber artist needs – pencils and pens for drawing and planning, scissors, thread, several caffeinated beverages, and a chocolate chip cookie – fresh from the oven.


Sunshine on a Cloudy Day with Gloria Loughman

Gloria Loughman, the marvelous quilt artist from Australia, is here this week to teach “Painting a Landscape with Fabric.”

The colors are already flying all over the studio — literally if someone happens to sneezes or leaves the door open!

The first day was spent discussing designs and all of the possibilities of playing with color. Then the whole group dove into their projects with full enthusiasm. They started with painting on fabrics and then by mid-morning Tuesday, background “fabrics” were taking shape and landscape designs were on the walls.


Most people are using a tiling technique to create background fabrics. The tile shape possibilities are squares, diamonds, rectangles.


This class is also like a mini-reunion for about half the people in the class, as they were all here together last year in a workshop with Katie Pasquini Masopust.


They are working hard and enjoying the meals. Tonights dessert is Banana Bread Pudding with Hard Sauce.


Slash and Burn with Pat Pauly Saves the Day

Fiber artist, Pat Pauly, of Pittsford, NY stepped into save the day when an unfortunate spill by Liz Berg down some stairs in her home prevented her from coming to teach a workshop this week. (Liz is fine, but is recovering from her broken arm at home and hopefully will be scheduled to teach here again in the future.)

Pat was only able to teach for 3-day, but what a 3 days it has been! The laughter never stopped. Thank you, Pat!


Pat showed the class how to work from strip sets to create an improvisational composition without relying on templates, drawing, planning, or anything. It was hard work on the first day, but by the second day the concepts and techinques that Pat was explaining started to come together.

This is Mary from Maine with her fabulous composition. This was her first time working outside the quilt block format. Pretty impressive!


Carol and Pat are browsing through The Art Quilt by Robert Shaw and pointing out all of the quilts that the class can now say “I know how they did that” because Pat has showed them how. Pat made use of the many art quilt books in the studio library, besides having brought some of her own, to discuss and illustrate design concepts.

Pat is heading home today to prepare for her other upcoming workshops, but we sincerely thank her for be able to help us with such short notice and hope to schedule her for another workshop in the future.

Wiegardt and a Free-For-All

Eric Wiegardt was here for a week to teach an outdoor watercolor workshop designed to help you “break the niggling detail habbit.” Mother Nature had other designs, however, feeling that our area somehow needed more water! (We don’t!)

But no matter, Eric kept everyone happy and working hard in the studio.


By the time we had a sunny day on Friday, no one wanted to go outside the studio. Instead, they brought a little outside to the inside by picking up several bouquets of flowers to set up in vases around the studio.


Eric will be back teaching for us again in 2013.

Following Eric was our Fall Retreat. We had a wonderful, fun loving group this year with a bunch of regulars and several new folks.


The retreat is a free time for people to work on their art, just relax around the inn, or explore the area. This year most people came for the full 6 nights, but we also offer a 3-night option. Of course, all the people who came just for the 3-nights all wished that they had come for 6!

Next year the retreat week is going to be in the summer — to give people the added bonus of also being able to enjoy the 50 foot outdoor swimming pool at the inn.

A Bit of Scotland in the Catskills

The weather seemed intent on making Margaret Evans feel right at home with a bit of mistiness every day, in between the sunshine.


On Thursday, the group went over to Olana, the historic home of Frederick Church. When lunch was delivered at noon, the class was still in their gear but having a good time in spite of the drizzle.


Soon after lunch, the sun came out to reward the class for their enthusiastic spirt! Margaret always brings out the party spirit in all her students.


Next year Margaret will be back again, this time to teach a 3-day workshop on the versatility of pastels!

Watercolor to Pastel

David Taylor’s class finished off the week with one and half days at Coeyman’s Landing. The first day it started raining soon after they got there that they were only able to get photo references, but it was such a subject rich location that everyone decided that it was worth going back the next day, which cooperated by being a beautifully sunny Fall day.


Back at the inn for the final dinner on Friday night, David showed off his style by wearing his new Crazy Tie (a hand-made quilted tie featuring guitars) and fabulously colorful socks!


This week Margaret Evans of Scotland is here teaching a 5-day pastel workshop.

After lunch, Margaret presented a demo outside with the Carriage House as the subject.


We’re crossing our fingers for more good weather for more outdoor painting!

Watercolor Landscapes with One of Australia’s Finest!

David Taylor has won several Gold Medals, including the $20,000 Haroldson Camberwell Rotary, one of the biggest and prestigious competitions in Australia!

We are always pleased to have David teaching workshop for us at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. Monday started out a bit drizzly, but it wasn’t long until the sun came out and the temps climbed to the 80s.

After lunch the group walked over the Veteran’s Park pond to spend the afternoon painting. The water of the pond was as smooth as glass, creating a stunning reflection of the blue sky and fluffy white clouds.


Some students watched as David did another demo and others just jumped in to painting.


A couple people turned their backs on the scenic pond, preferring instead to paint Tommy’s Hot Dog trailer.


Ann Linday, Watercolor, and Irene

It has been an eventful weekend, to say the least! On Saturday, Ann Lindsay and her full workshop of students arrived at our inn, the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, to enjoy 3 days of a studio watercolor workshop — and enjoy it they did, even though Irene, “Ms Tropical Storm”, arrived on Sunday!

Our little creek that runs through the property became a torrent, overflowing its banks and covering half the parking lot with water.


We had everyone who had parked on that side move their cars to the town hall parking lot that is next to us just to be safe, although the water never was more than about 4 to 6 inches.

Here is one of our bridges that crosses over our normally mild mannered creek!


But a bit of water and wind can’t keep a good watercolorist down! Ann Lindsay and the group kept warm and dry in the Carriage House studio. We had electricity all through the storm except for about 3 hours in the middle of the day.

Since the creek was preventing anyone from venturing outside the studio, Mark and I (none of our staff were able to make it to work that day – not surprising) made all the lunches and cookies for the class and then drove (thank goodness we have 4-wheel drive) around to our access road that brings us in on the Carriage House side of the creek, and then carried in the boxes of lunches to the studio, wading through about 1 foot of slowly moving water. We also brought them coffee and carrot cake!

Around 3 pm, the heavy rain stopped and the water immediately started to recede so that by 5 pm the creek was running below the bridges and the parking lot was clear of water.

The next morning the sun came out and you would never have known anything had gone amiss! Just look at this innocent looking little creek as it appeared on Monday morning.


Amazingly, the pool stayed crystal clear and bright blue through the whole thing, even though most of the lawn area you see in this picture was covered with flowing water during the storm.


This back lawn was also covered with flowing water. You can see the few tree branches that were carried on the lawn from the water.


The larger of our two bridges took the brunt of the force of the water and the pounding of the debris that was carried down the creek. The railing was broken by some rather large tree limbs, but the bridge held fast and strong. The railing was fixed yesterday and the structure of the bridge checked out fine.


But meanwhile, back in the studio — everyone was enjoying their time with Ann Lindsay!


All-in-all it was a wonderful workshop with a great instructor and a great bunch of people, one we’d love to repeat — just without the weather excitement!

Still Life in Egg Tempera with Koo Schadler

Koo Schadler is here this week teaching a 5-day workshop on using egg tempera for still life paintings. Koo usually teaches a class here every other year and each time it is a real treat. She is so organized, so generous with her vast knowledge of the history of egg tempera and its techniques, and such a wonderful and encouraging teacher.

It is the third day and already the students are well into their paintings.


Toni S. decided to stick with her favorite painting subject – sheep!


Painting By The Pool with Kim English

Around the pool is always a very popular place to paint. There is shade if you want it or you can bask in the sun while thinking of a dip in the pool after class!


Notice that Kim went around to the students in bare feet! I guess he was enjoying the nice green green grass we get in Greenville!


Bjorn set up his easel right at the edge of the pool. I kept watching to see if I could catch a picture of him falling in the pool as he stepped back to look at his painting. Didn’t happen!


On another afternoon the class set up a colorful clothesline scene with the two models on the lawn in back of the studio.


Linda found another shady spot to stand while painting — in the open garage/storage building next to the studio!


Everyone in the class commented about what a wonderful group it was and how it felt like hanging out with old friends. Here are some folks gathering in the dining rooms before dinner.


Quick-Sketch Oil Painting with Kim Enlish

Kim English, the master of the quick-sketch oil painting from Colorado, is here this week teaching a 5 day workshop to a full class.

The first day Kim had the class doing 5 minute paintings with a model in the studio (it was a rainy day). Once the 5 minutes was up, you wiped off your sketch and started a new one with the next pose. Some people just about had heart attacks with the required speed, amount of paint and turp! But there was method to this madness. The next day the pose time was extended to 20 minutes and suddenly this seemed like a long and leisurely amount of time to paint.

And best of all the sun came out mid-day and the class was able to move outside with the two models and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Today the group went out to our favorite local farm. It was a gorgeous day!


Lots of beautiful paintings and beautiful smiles!


Collage Surface Treatments with Gerald Brommer

Gerald Brommer was here last week teaching a workshop on some fun methods for surface treatments. This was a new workshop that he developed and the full class and long waiting list was a testament to the excitement that everyone felt about getting into this workshop.

Jerry started each day with a demonstration of new possibilities.


Then spent most of the day going around the room offering one-on-one guidance to the students.


Some really interesting and texturized surfaces were created!


On the final days Jerry showed the students how to use these textured surface as the base for a watermedia painting.

Here are the painting results from a couple students.


If you missed your change to take a workshop with Gerald Brommer this year, don’t worry, he’ll be back here again in 2013!

Charcoal Figure Drawing with Henry Yan

Henry Yan, an instructor at the Academy of Art Collage in San Francisco, California, was here for the first time to teach a charcoal figure drawing workshop based on his book, Henry Yan’s Figure Drawing, Techniques, and Tips.

Henry’s instruction was excellent” and “Best workshop I’ve taken” were common comments from everyone.

Henry did daily demos and continued to do additional drawings during the sessions so that anyone who wanted to watch how he worked could continue to do so.


The weather was a “bit” warm last week, so everyone enjoyed the evenings when the temps dropped back down into the 60s and 70s. Sitting out on the front porch of the inn was a favorite thing to do after dinner.


The meals have been exquisite” — including this marvelously light and creamy blueberry/orange tart, seen here being assembled in the kitchen before dinner.


It was a good week and we look forward to Henry’s return in 2013!

Fabric Portraits with Esterita Austin

Esterita Austin taught 2 back-to-back workshops here last week. The idea was to start with still life in the 2-day workshop and then progress to a portrait in the following 3-day workshop. Well, that whole premiss was scraped on the first day! Everyone decided that they wanted to jump right in to portraits, including the one woman who signed up for just the 2-day workshop.

As a result, there were some fabulous portrait pieces created by all!

This is Esterita demonstrating how to use textile paint to create shadows that then bring features forward. She is using the amazing portrait piece created by Janet in just two days.


This is the start of the self-portrait by Kris M. of Austin, TX.


And here is the finished piece. Amazing because this was Kris’ very first workshop!


Teri spent a lot of time circulating the studio with individual guidance when ever it was requested.


Don’t you just love the hair on Jo’s self-portrait!


Cindy, from CA, was only there for 2 days of the 3-day workshop, but created this fabulous portrait that really captures her contagious laugh! She said she plans to use it for her FaceBook picture.


This is the portrait of Alison C’s husband that she started a couple years ago in another of Esterita’s classes at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops and this time she finished it!


The full piece has the entire motorcycle in it, which you can see in the first picture in this blog post.

Fond Memories of the Queen

Nancy Eha, the “Queen of Beading,” was here for what seemed like an all too brief 3-day workshop.

Fabulous class. Nancy is an excellent teacher and her style adapts well to having a classroom of students with various skill levels. I bead a lot and I was never bored,” is what Cheryl K. had to say about the workshop.

Each day was filled with demonstrations of unique beading techniques, such as 3-D beaded patterns and organic beading stitches including sticky lollipops, beaded coils, and easy beaded cabochon settings.


It was marvelous to walk through the studio and see all of beading patterns filling each persons beading sampler in such a variety of lovely hues of beads.


It was a very lively and fun loving group and the laughter never stopped, both in the studio, around the dinner table in the evening and at pool-side lunches in the afternoon.

On the last day of the workshop, Nancy arranged a coronation ceremony and each student was granted beading princess status!


Horses and Dogs with Ellen Gavin

Class has exceeded our expectations! Ellen is a fabulous artist and instructor.” That was the type of comment we got from everyone in the workshop with Ellen Gavin – Painterly Oils of Horses and Dogs. The conversations around the dinner table were always animated and with lots of laughter. Ellen has a great sense of humor!

I enjoyed watching Ellen’s demos myself.


This is the result of demo on the second day of class.


These two pastel paintings are by Barbara Leonardi, who said to me after the first day, “I had no idea I even liked horses!” She had stayed over for Ellen’s class after being in the Paul Leveille portrait class just because it followed.


This is a painting in progress by Andrea Agresta. It’s not finished but I love her style.


Here is Andrea working on another of her expressive dog portraits.


It was a very productive class and everyone worked on multiple paintings per day. Here are several more snapshots of the participants work.


Plein Air Portraits with Paul Leveille

The weather was so beautiful and enticing last week during the Paul Leveille portrait painting workshop, that Paul set up his demo “studio” outside under the shade trees.


It was an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon for everyone.


This is Paul’s finished demo in oil.


The next day, Paul performed a portrait demo in watercolor.


It was a very relaxed week. Everyone raved about Paul – as a portrait artist and as an instructor! If you missed this year, Paul will be back again – same time, same place – in 2013!

Great New T-shirt Colors On Sale!

I ordered more of our great Hudson River Valley Art Workshop t-shirts in all new colors and I must have been carried away by the colors because I ordered way too many and now I have no where to store them!

The colors left to right are: Crunchberry, Mystic, Violet, Sandstone, and Salmon.


So we are having a “what-was-I-thinking-ordering-this-many-t-shirts” SALE! The shirts are 15% off – normally $15 and now just $12.75. They come in Small, Medium, and Large. They are on sale until my office table space is cleared off!

If you can’t stop by, I’m happy to mail it to you, adding just postage costs – $2.48 for 1 shirt via First Class Mail (or $4.75 via priority if you are in a hurry) or for 2 shirts, $9.37 via priority (no First Class option as the weight is over that limit).

Our toll-free phone number is 888-665-0044. We accept Visa, MC, or Discover.

Expressive Portraits with Paul Leveille

Paul Leveille is here this week teaching a portrait workshop. Yesterday afternoon he did a demo portrait in oil.


Today and the next afternoon, he’ll do one demo in watercolor and the other in pastel.


Last night the group enjoyed a savory Lamb Tangine, shown here in the process of being prepared. It simmers until the lamb pieces are melt-in-your-mouth tender.


Dessert was carrot cake with a cream cheese frosting!


After Paul’s workshop is a 3-day workshop taught by Ellen GavinPainterly Oils of Horses and Dogs. Two of the people in Paul’s workshop are staying for Ellen’s, but there is still room in Ellen’s class.


As you might imagine, during our workshop season we are kept quite busy and it is hard to get away from the inn, even for just a haircut. But luckily one of our waitresses, Megan, is also a hairdresser! So chef Mark, scheduled her to cut his hair in our office.


So next time you are here and need a new hairdo, ask for Megan!

Karen Rosasco Playing to a Full House

Karen Rosasco, the award-winning watermedia artist, is here this week teaching an experimental watermedia workshop.

Already some students have expressed interest in signing up for her class here in 2012!

This is only day 2, but Karen has everyone working hard with the various challenges she has issued.


Students have come from far and wide. On this table we have Texas, Minnesota, and Quebec represented, but the prize for the farthest goes to Leo S., who is from Chile.


Karen continually circulates around the room, answering questions and offering individual critiques on the works in progress.


Susan insists that she is not being secretive, just trying to prevent stuff from falling off her table!


This is a great little piece by Sue St John.


A riot of color and materials! Call me crazy, but I just love seeing all that STUFF massed on the tables. Makes you want to just dive in and start creating.


After a full day (and then some) of painting, the group is hungry! Last night’s dinner was a braised short ribs Moroccan style – the short ribs are under all of those savory vegetables . . .


. . . . and fresh corn on the cob. Fresh Blueberry Pie was the topper for the evening.


Tonight’s dish is a favorite from last season – Chicken Thigh on a Portobello Mushroom with an Orange-Soy Glaze. Dessert is chocolate layer cake with a fresh strawberry cream filling. All of the desserts are made fresh in our kitchen each day.

The Spring weather has been wonderful the gardens around the inn. If you are interested in the happenings and gardens around the inn, check out our inn blog – Inn and Around

Final Intense Day in Leah Lopez Workshop

Everyone in Leah’s workshop was intensely focused on their painting while in the studio, but they knew how to let it all go and have fun around the dinner table!

There were some very accomplished artists in this workshop and all of them had nothing but praise for Leah Lopez as an instructor. Judy Scanlon said this of Leah, “She more than met my expectations. She was patient, insightful, and explained things clearly. Besides that, she’s a good person!”

This is Judy and the painting she worked on.


This is a painting by Kenneth Brant.


He started another painting on the third day.


Everyone had their own way of arranging their still life. I think Dottie Laughlin’s was the highest!


Jeff Olson and Maureen Ohrtman worked side by side, but each had their own still life set up.


All in all a wonderful workshop and a wonderful bunch of people. Three days seem too short! So we’ve asked Leah to come back in 2013 to teach a 5-day workshop. It will most likely be sometime in June.

Still Life with Trees and Leah Lopez

Leah Lopez, known for her incredible classical still life painting, is here teaching a 3-day workshop on still life. However, the weather was just so perfect today that she could not resist taking the class outside for her morning demo.


Leah is painting the Main Inn side lawn which is surrounded by maple, pine, and birch trees.


It’s not hot enough to go in the pool yet, but it makes a lovely setting for lunch.


The next workshop is a 5-day workshop with the marvelous Frank Francese, a watercolor artist from Colorado. There is still room in this workshop, so if you have an urge to get away to the beautiful Catskills and paint for a week, give us a call!

Beer and Lightening with Bob Burridge

We had an impressive lightening storm during Bob Burridge’s workshop and Bob was thrilled with it! It turns out that he loves spectacular displays of weather, so during the storm some of us sat out on the front porch sipping beer and watching the show.

The weather during the rest of the workshop was beautiful which was great for experimenting with CitraSolv. CitraSolv is a natural cleaner and degreaser that many artists have begun to use for artistic purposes — so much so that CitraSolv has an entire section of their website devoted to artists using CitraSolv.

Bob took the class out on the lawn in back of the workshop studio to show how CitraSolv can be sprinkled on National Geographic magazines to create wild and wonderful collage papers.


The class also celebrated Lois’ birthday by requesting a specially decorated chocolate chip cookie at cookie time!


And Bob lead everyone in a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday.


Meanwhile everyone continued to produce some amazing work all around the studio. In this corner we have John, Elizabeth, Peggy, and Dale. Most people worked standing up and were able to use the table risers we provide to raise the height of the tables.


In this corner is Cristina and Louise. You can see out the windows how green the landscape around that inn has become.


That big grin on Tanya’s face is probably because she got into the class 2 days before it began due to a last minute cancellation by someone else! Bob had a long waiting list for this years class and already his next years class is starting to fill.


On Friday night after dinner everyone gathered for a group photo. What a happy crowd!


Robert Burridge is in the House

Robert Burridge, the charismatic artist and instructor from southern California, is here all this week teaching abstract painting and collage to a full workshop.

You think he could be a little more enthusiastic?!!


It is day two of the workshop, but already the studio is bursting with wonderful painting exercises and experiments. Bob says “come prepared to paint your stuff” and he means it.


Elizabeth M. got a special surprize this afternoon — a lovely bouquet of white flowers “sent” by her three dogs, who miss her very much. Elizabeth said they must have gotten worry about her coming back when they heard what a fantastic time she was having at the workshop. Those dogs sure know how to pick a great bunch of flowers!


Outside the studio there is plenty of action with color, too. The trees are filling out with leaves, the lilacs are blooming, and the peonies buds are just about ready to burst open. Remember a couple of blog posts ago when there was a photo of Paul George doing a painting demo of this very same view? Now you can barely see the inn behind the oak and maple trees!


Spirals and Value to Value with Carol Taylor

Everyone in Carol’s class seemed to work non-stop! Each piece was unique to the individual.


As this was the last day of the workshop, everyone gathered for a class picture on the porch of one of the cottage rooms. Thank goodness the weather cooperated and the sun came out just at this moment

These are the small pieces that were create first to learn the technique and process.


And this is the long narrow pieces that everyone created after that! Some glorious colors.


Carol Taylor will be teaching for us again next year. The class will be titled Improvisational Scrap Quilts. Already this class is generating a lot of interest. So don’t wait too long to get in on the fun.

Carol Taylor’s Improvisational Art Quilts

Carol Taylor, the renowned award-winning art quilter from Pittsford, NY, is here this week teaching a multitude of techniques for improvisational art quilts.

This afternoon she was explaining how she attaches yarn to the quilt in those perfect spirals that you often see on her quilts.


After the demo, Carol went around to each person to for further individual guidance with the technique.


It’s been a good couple of days to stay in the studio what with all the on and off rain, but at least the lilacs are loving it!


May Workshops – Watercolor, Fabric, and Acrylic Collage

It has been a quiet first week of May, especially after the lively crew here for Paul George’s workshop!


However, the fun is about to begin again!

Coming up next is a 3-day watercolor workshops with Barbara Nechis – May 12 – 15. There is a couple spots left in this workshop.


Right after Barbara, we have a wonderful fabric and fiber fest with Carol Taylor teaching a 5-day workshop, May 15 – 21, on improvisational piecing and fiber embellishment.


Following Carol’s class, is Robert Burridge teaching one of his “Loosening Up” workshops. This class is full with a long wait list, but never fear, Bob will be back again in 2012.


Watercolors with Paul George

They may have had to drive through torrential rains, but nothing was going to stop these artists from getting to the 3-day workshop with Paul George! Luckily once here, the sun came out and it has been a beautiful weekend.

This afternoon, Paul took everyone outside to our parking lot to do a demo painting of the back of the main building of the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn (home of the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops).


He started with filling in the large shapes.


Then added the larger details.


After the demo, the students had the choice of painting outside around the inn or going back to the studio to paint. The workshop day was finished with a group critique.

Fresh Spring Pastels with Susan Ogilive

Susan Ogilvie, a wonderful and talented pastelist from Washington, was here teaching a workshop for us last week. Susan has taught here many times and it is always a joy to have her back.

The week went by so quickly it was Friday before I realized I had not played my paparazzi role to capture the workshop in action! But I did manage to get a picture of some action around the dinner table.


All those smiles are probably (in part) because of the yummy cherry pie soon to be served for dessert.


Made fresh that day in our kitchen, this pie is made from organic dried cherries and features a marzipan crust. Naturally sweet without being overly sugary sweet!

Yard Show

It was a good week with Fran Skiles’ workshop group and it was over too soon.

On the final day, everyone hung a couple pieces of their work on the lines in back of the studio and a critique and discussion was had.


If you missed out on this class (there was a long waiting list), you’ll have your chance again when Fran comes back in 2013.

Mono-Printing with Fran Skiles

Yesterday the class was doing mono-prints. It wasn’t long before the design boards and walls will filled with prints!


The class is very international. We have Gerri Bea from Canada . . .


Cristina from El Salvador . . .


Fern from Florida . . .


Louise LL (also from Canada and a wonderful collage artist and instructor, too) took over a corner of the studio and filled it with her work!


Today I’m making a run up to the nearest art supply store for more gloss medium to fuel the prodigious amount of fun this group is having.

Fiber and Paper Collage with Fran Skiles

Fran Skiles is here this week teaching a 5-day workshop on fiber and paper collage. It is a full workshop and everyone hit the ground running! Within a couple hours of starting everyone working furiously!


The first day Fran showed how to use a sewing machine to create line and texture on white or black canvas.


The class is made up an exciting mix of art quilters and mixed media artists!


Fran is obviously inspiring a lot of enthusiasm in the class. No wonder the class filled up very quickly.


Today the class is working on mono-printing on various textured papers. Pictures to follow in the next post!

Inks, Paints, and Digital Photos with Lura Schwarz Smith

Lura Schwarz Smith is here with us this week teaching a 5-day workshop on using inks, watercolor pencils, fabric markers, paints, and more on fabric.

Lura arrived a couple days early and the first thing she did was set up the media table — a dazzling array of inks, markers, and pencils for everyone in the class to use.


The first couple of days were spent on exercises to learn or improve the students drawing skills and working with inks for shading and details on drawn images or digital images.

This is Janis using Fabrico fabric markers to add details to a digital image that she printed in Kerby Smith’s workshop. (Three students actually took advantage of the back-to-back workshop experience — and discount, to take both Kerby’s class and Lura’s.) She is turning an image of winter in New Mexico into a hot summer day! The colors are tremendous.


Here is an example of some of the drawing and shading exercises completed by Joan L. They practiced drawing faces both right side up and upside down. It was interesting to see how well the upside down faces turned out.

Then they used Tsukineko fabric ink to colorize their drawings.

You can also see some of the digital images that Joan created in Kerby’s class.


She’s a Pip and a Master Fiber Artist to Boot!

On May 1 – 7, Elizabeth Barton will be back again at Hudson River Valley Art Workshops teaching a workshop.

Elizabeth currently lives in Georgia, but was born and educated in York, England. She still has that wonderful English sense of humor! Before devoting herself full time to teaching and making art quilts, she taught at the University of Georgia.

The workshop this year focuses working in a series and how this process can speed the development of your own unique voice. You will be exploring many ways of creating quilt designs based on a single theme or idea. The aim is to generate lots of designs and then critique them discovering as you do the basic principles of good design.


Elizabeth is excellent at encouraging and guiding you on how to work from your own ideas and discover your own unique voice. Your ideas can abstract, realistic or impressionistic.


This is an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a master instructor in a small class size setting. This means lots of individual attention and lots of room to work and explore multiple ideas at once. Not to mention, that Spring is a beautiful time of year in the Catskill and Hudson River region!

Elizabeth Barton also has a lively blog where she talks about art and thoughts there of.

Join the party and sign up for this fabulous workshop!