Patchwork Sassaman Style

Jane Sassaman, who is teaching a workshop for us at the end of June, has just authored a fabulous new book, Patchwork Sassaman Style: Recipes for Dazzling Quilts, published by Dragon Threads Ltd.


The book debuts at the same time as a new collection of fabric designs by Jane for FreeSpirit fabric.

Jane has taught her popular Abstracting from Nature workshop for us several times and I have always admired the sense of playful color and whimsical compositions in her detailed art quilts. It is no surprise that her fabric designs have this same wonderful vibrancy and fun. In fact, the whole cloth fabric designs have so much “personality” that one is loathed to cut them up!

Patchwork Sassaman Style is a “cookbook” to guide you through the possibilities of using large scale, bold, colorful prints, such as Jane’s fabric designs, in quilts. Jane calls these bold prints “personality prints” – fabrics with the pizzazz to take center stage in a quilt composition.

Using traditional quilt block patterns as a launching point, Jane explains with easy to understand instructions and illustrations, how to make use of design symmetry and repeats to create unique block patterns with large scale prints.

The book starts with very simple, basic designs and then progresses to more complex designs. Jane presents at least two design variations for each block pattern.

So if you have found yourself unable to resist the siren call of these big, bold, colorful, knock-your-socks-off prints, Jane’s new book, Patchwork Sassaman Style, will inspire you to pull these fabrics off your shelves and put them into a a fabulous new quilt for your wall or for your bed.

To celebrate Jane’s new book and fabric line, a blog tour is scheduled for July. Watch Jane’s website and Dragon Threads’ website for details.

There are still a few spots left for Jane’s 5-day workshop with us, June 24 – 30, 2012. Come to the workshop and you’ll be able to peruse the book in our library!

Karen Rosasco’s Watermedia Party

Karen Rosasco was here last week to teach her 5-day watermedia workshop. By the end of the week everyone was exhausted from the intense workshop, but oh so happy. Several people exclaimed that they had never laughed so long and so loud in their life! Karen was described as an excellent instructor who was challenging, but extremely encouraging. She knows how to approach and guide each student no matter what their level of experience is.

The party atmosphere was in the classroom . . .


. . . and at the dinner table.


Several of the students even suggested that maybe we could convince Karen to do a 7 or 10 day workshop in the future. No one wanted to go home, they were having such a good time.


The class also put together a lovely collage card thanking us for hosting this fabulous workshop. We really appreciate knowing that people had a fabulous time at the workshop and at the inn.


If you don’t want to miss the party next year, remember to sign up early for Karen’s workshop. It is scheduled for July 7 – 13, 2013.

Happy Hour

Linda Long said, “Kim, you have to advertise about the “Happy Hour” during the workshop! The time when everyone gathers in the front parlor before dinner with a glass of wine or a mug of beer is what sold me on coming so often to your workshops!”

So here is what Happy Hour at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops looks like! This was during the Hollis Chatelain workshop and this group knew how to have a good time.


While the students and teacher are having a rousing good time in the parlor, our waitstaff is busy setting the tables for dinner.


We have a wonderful selection of reasonably priced wine and beers on our menu, as well as more pricey ones if you are so inclined. We had one woman at a workshop who had a glass of champagne every night. I think she had the right idea and I now follow her example whenever I get the opportunity to get away for a workshop!

Dye Painting on Fabric with Hollis Chatelain

Hollis Chatelain, one of the featured artists in the movie, “Stitched”, is here teaching a 5-day workshop on her process of using dye paints to paint on fabric.

Yesterday I had the good fortune to catch a revealing of the paintings created by the students in the workshop. Here is a sampling of the marvelous work that everyone is doing — and most people in the class have never done anything like this before!


Spinach Salad with Lemon Dressing

After many requests for the recipe of this popular salad served during the workshops, here it is!

Spinach Salad with Lemon Dressing

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1/3 cup of sugar
1/3 cup of salad oil (canola or olive oil)
1 teaspoon dry mustard

Whisk together the ingredients and drizzle on top of fresh baby spinach leaves. We add dried cranberries and sliced almonds. Also good are fresh sliced strawberries.