David Taylor – Photo to Quilt with Hand Applique

We just had a fun and engaging week with David Taylor, the fiber artist form Steamboat Springs, Colorado (not David Taylor the fabulous watercolorist from Australia who will be teaching here next year! Although they both like and buy my Crazy Ties.)

I have long admired David’s award-winning work, having seen it all over the internet and also some of the major shows, so it was a pleasure to finally meet him and have him here to teach a workshop.

Everyone brought a great photo to work from, each different than the others. David had everyone start with the eyes. It was sort of erie to walk through the studio that first day and see all those eyes peering at you.

Joyce L was working on a cute portrait of fox. I love her fabric palette spread out around her.

IMG 2552

Corinne had a wonderful picture of a blue-footed booby bird!

IMG 2553

Sandy’s focus was flora rather than fauna, with this bright yellow flower.

IMG 2554

Helene had a picture of one of her dogs.

IMG 2555

And Korinna was working on a cat. Korinna was our longest distance winner in this class, having come from Germany!

IMG 2556

These next couple of pictures show the progress after a couple of days.

IMG 2565
IMG 2567

Every day David provided demos and discussions about the various steps of his process.

IMG 2568

The remaining pictures were taken on the final day. You can see that some people made more progress than others, but the reason is different than you might think. David told me, rolling his eyes, that everyone was having so much fun chatting, laughing and telling stories that they weren’t spending enough time focused on their work! The class even went on a field trip to a local quilt fabric shop, Log Cabin Fabrics, during class time one afternoon.

IMG 2571
IMG 2572
IMG 2573

David brought several of his art quilts with him, of course, and everyone oohed and aahed and had him hold them up for pictures.

IMG 2574

Here is the paparazzi!

IMG 2576

This is the quilting on the back of David’s bird quilt. Simplily amazing.

IMG 2579
IMG 2577
IMG 2578

One of the demos on the last day was how David puts on the binding on his finished pieces. He thinks of the binding as framing his finished work.

IMG 2581

It was a good week all around with good food and good weather to round out the experience. We hope to have David back again in the future!

Dynamic Portraits in Fabric with Esterita Austin

Another successful workshop with Esterita (Teri) Austin! Some amazing portraits were created. This first set of photos shows how much progress everyone had made by Wednesday of this 5-day class.

Don’t you just love the mustache! Wait til you see the beard.

IMG 2511
IMG 2512
IMG 2513
IMG 2514
IMG 2515
IMG 2516
IMG 2517
IMG 2518

On the way back to the Main Inn from taking photos, I noticed this baby snapping turtle in the creek that runs through the property. The fish were circling around him in a teasing fashion. It was interesting to watch.

IMG 2520

Back in the Main Inn, the heavenly scent of chocolate filled the air. Marzipan was being enrobed with organic dark chocolate. The marzipan itself was made the day before from freshly ground organic almonds. After Teri tried one she responded with “Wow, I didn’t know I liked marzipan until I tried yours!”

IMG 2524

Here are our two birthday girls in the class, Caroline and Barb.

IMG 2526

Lunch in the Main Inn dining rooms.

IMG 2501

And finally, the class photo with all the wonderful portraits! You can see a video pan of a close up of the group on the Hudson River Valley Art Workshop Facebook PageIMG 2537

Teri will be back again next year, but with a new class – Mono-Printing and Mixed Media Collage. Sure to be another winner!

Going Beyond Your Boundaries in Watercolor with Mel Stabin

Another fun workshop week with Mel Stabin has just come to a close. Mel has been coming to teach workshops at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops more years than I want to count!

This year he taught a workshop titled “Pushing the Envelope in Watercolor: Express Yourself.” It was all about challenging yourself and go beyond your boundaries in watercolor! Mel wanted to encourage his students to experience the magical, spontaneous, and transparent qualities of watercolor and help them discover that watercolor is at its best when it is set free.

The class spent about equal time painting outdoors on location and in the studio.

IMG 2467
IMG 2468

The final day was spent in the studio where Mel did a demo on figures and how to incorporate them in your landscapes. This was Mel’s demo painting.

IMG 2469

Painting and learning all day can be exhausting but this group knew how to relax. Every evening they’d gather on the front porch of the inn for some beers or wine, and some great conversation.

IMG 2472
IMG 2473

This is one of the dishes served for dinner during the workshop – a savory Thai braised beef served on top of long rice noodles. The fragrance of the lemongrass, coconut milk, and spices emanating from the kitchen has people licking their lips in anticipation.

IMG 2466

And speaking of licking lips, this is Link who came with Suzy and got more attention and hellos than anyone else in the workshop.

Maybe he is thinking of the home-made pumpkin dog biscuit he found in his room upon his arrival!

IMG 2475

If you missed this class, Mel is scheduled to return again in 2016! Don’t miss it.

Transforming Reference Photos with Peter Fiore

Peter Fiore was recently here teaching “Beyond the Photograph,” a workshop about using photography as reference material for oil paintings. He discussed how to interpret light, key your paintings, control color, and create solid value structures.

This was the second time that Peter has taught a workshop with us and each time by the time the week is over, we can’t wait to schedule him for a return!

IMG 2412
IMG 2413
IMG 2414

Peter’s wife, Barbara, was also here and caught us as we were about to take our dogs out for a walk. Barbara is also a marvelous ceramic scupture artist. I just love the whimsical figures she creates.

Kim and mark hi res

We kept everyone happy and well fed. This is a shot of one of the dinner dishes, Gai Yang, a Thai BBQ chicken served with mango slices on top of sticky coconut rice.

IMG 2405

Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop

We had a wonderful week with David Dunlop and his full class of eager students. David, besides being an award-winning artist and popular teacher and lecturer, is host and Emmy Award-winning writer of the 13-episode PBS television series Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop.

The group has a week of beautiful weather to go out and paint on location at some of the stunning parks in our area.

A new locations for this year was the Devil’s Tombstone park. The site had a picturesque lake and grand vistas of notch in the mountains. Plus picnic tables for an enjoyable picnic lunch — delivered by us!

IMG 2379
IMG 2381
IMG 2382
IMG 2383
IMG 2384
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IMG 2385
IMG 2386
IMG 2387
IMG 2388
IMG 2390
IMG 2392
IMG 2393
IMG 2397
IMG 2398
IMG 2399
IMG 2400
IMG 2401
IMG 2402
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If you missed this class, David will be back again in 2016!