Peggi Kroll-Roberts – Oil Painting Workshop

Peggi Kroll-Roberts came all the way from California to teach a 3-day workshop for us in September. The focus was the figure and they worked with live models.

The weather was beautiful so the class worked outside around the inn.

This is Peggi, in the black blouse and white hat, offering assistance to one of the students.

The models, Megan and Vera, did a great job making it look easier than it was holding those poses.

Impressionist Watercolor with Tony Van Hasselt

The time has flown by, but back in September the incomparable Tony Van Hasselt taught a workshop for us once again. It was a great group and everyone had a wonderful time.

Here is a shot of the happy crew around the dinner table.

The town of Athens was a popular painting location. It is right on the Hudson River and has a view of the Athens Lighthouse.

Here is Tony sporting his element of design t-shirt.

Tony’s lovely wife, Jan, came along with him this year.

More Katie Pasquini Masopust Pictures!

The class is making amazing progress. Here are the latest snapshots of the work.

This is Susan and her mom, Rose (who looks like she could be her sister!) Susan is working on image of the truck and Rose is doing an abstract.

Here are Debbie and Carolyn focused on their projects!

Here is Jackie’s great Coney Island piece. Don’t you just love it!

And in this corner you see Jackie, Katie, Sue and Evelyn – a cluster of color and excitement!

And if that color wasn’t enough, the trees on our property have finally decided it was time to put on their annual Fall show – just for Katie!

You can see more photos of the trees and busy squirrels on our inn blog for Greenville Arms 1889 Inn.

Abstract Art Quilts with Katie Pasquini Masopust

I’m woefully behind in blogging, so I’m starting with the current and will then jump backwards!

Katie Pasquini Masopust is here this week teaching her Abstract Art Quilts class. This class filled up very quickly and it is easy to see why.

The class started out with a series of exercises to create small abstract studies that could potentially be used to create a larger art quilt. Then they covered their tables with white kraft paper and the paints came out! Color themes/shapes were experimented with – the purpose being to finding one to use with the chosen abstract design.

Next a small design/pattern was drawn/traced onto clear acetate. These were then taken to the nearest Kinko’s (or two – the first one ran out of paper rolls) and enlarged to around 4′ x 4′.

All of this in the first 2 days!

Here are a couple of pictures where you can see the enlarged patterns pinned to the design boards.

There are some really incredibly complex designs going on in this class and it is amazing to see how quickly they are coming together. I’ll have to get more pictures this afternoon of the progress.

The weather has been absolutely fabulous this week and the Fall colors are stunning. The trees on our grounds seem to want to be the last ones holding on to their leaves. The 3 large maple trees in our front yard are taking turns changing color. So we have one in full glowing orange color, one with red-tinged leaves, and one just thinking about changing color.

There is still room in the wonderfully talented and entertaining Elizabeth Barton’s workshop that starts next week. So don’t delay if you are still thinking about it! 😉