Final Day with Lura Schwarz Smith

It’s hard to believe that the 5 days of this workshop have gone by! Everyone made such amazing portraits, even those who those that they never be able to draw a face.

Just look at the fabulous pieces done by Sue Andrews — and this is her very first fiber art workshop!

Here is Alexandra doing a little ink shading on a work in progress that she brought with her.

This is Lura showing Susan how to add shading to render a realist eye.

Even I finally had a moment to sit at the “play table” to try out the inks, oil pastels, fabric markers and more that Lura brought with her for everyone to try out. That’s me in the purple plaid. (Thank goodness for cropping on the fly – cut out most of the evidence of my bad hair day! 😉

Look at this incredibly rich piece that Toby is creating. Great use of brocades!

Lura Schwarz Smith Workshop Continues

They’ve covered transferring images onto fabric, using inks and ink applicators for drawing and shading, free-piecing, and distorting traditional blocks.

This is Lura’s sample of a distorted traditional block.

Here is Lura explaining her free-piecing technique. No rulers needed!

Everyone is enjoying having a mini-fabric shop onsite, but when there is another fabric shop within driving distance you know some folks are going to want to go! Sandy and her sister, who are here from India, definitely heard the call of the other fabric shopping opportunity! Woodstock Quilt Supply was the place to be yesterday afternoon!

From Image to Design

It is day 2 of the Lura Schwarz-Smith workshop and the group are doing amazing things. Not surprising since Lura is such a bundle of energy and has such a wealth of knowledge about what she is teaching. You are missing a great class! But don’t worry, we’ll have her back here again.

So here is a look at what the class is up to.

This is Lura explaining the important “dot test” to check the suitability of the fabric for ink drawing.

Here is Nell working with the overhead projector to create her composition made up of several images.

Lura’s wonderful collection of inks.

Here is Sandy working with the lightbox.

Toby practicing with the ink applicator brush to get just the right shading technique before starting on her project.

This is Sandy’s work in progress. It’s going to be fantastic.

A couple examples of Lura’s drawing on fabric. I love the horse! This photo doesn’t do it justice.

I can’t wait to see how everyone’s projects progress. I’ll keep you posted!

New Workshop Season About To Begin

I can’t believe it is only about week until the first workshop starts. Where did the winter go?

The first workshop this year is with Lura Schwarz-Smith who is coming from California. The class is Art Images to Fabric and there is still some room, so why don’t you join us!

Following Lura is Esterita Austin doing a portraits and still life in fabric workshop.

Teri is a blast and a wonderful teacher.

On to another subject — we just got our new shipment of mugs for this year. New colors and new shapes.

These mugs are hand-made by Deneen Pottery. I always like to try new colors each year. If you have a favorite from the past and would like to see it again, just let me know.