Watercolor in Nature’s Studio with Tony van Hasselt

Tony surpassed my expectation. He was so generous with sharing his knowledge and with such humor!
Tony is a good instructor, personable, and makes class fun & challenging.
Tony is always wonderful and kind and very generous with his amazing talent.”

What more is there to say? Tony van Hasselt’s full workshop had a great time painting outside at the many inspiring locations, from out at the farm to down by the Hudson River. IMG 3553
IMG 3561
After a hard day painting, Tony’s group liked to gather on the front porch for wine or beer and lively discussion. IMG 1019 Before he left, Tony enriched our art reference library with a copy of his book, the “Watercolor Fix-it Book,” and five of his DVDs. These are available for guests to view at any time during their stay. IMG 1021 If you missed your chance to get into this class, don’t worry – Tony will be back again in 2017.

Capturing the Moment in Oil with Kim English

Another intense painting workshop with Kim English. He really put the students to the test, changing the model’s poses every twenty minutes or so. Most of the days were spend on the grounds of the Greenville Arms, on the back lawn by the studio, on the front lawn by the main inn, or around the pool, but mid-week the class went out to a local farm for more interesting structures and variety.

Excellent teacher, very generous with time and info and willing to answer questions. Please see if Kim can come every year!” “Loved the models and all the locations.” “Fantastic meals! What a chef! Too many cookies and desserts! Ha!

IMG 3483
IMG 3486
IMG 3498
IMG 3500
IMG 3502
IMG 3506
Here is just a small sampling of the many quick sketch paintings. The walls of the whole studio were filled with paintings such as these. IMG 1007
IMG 3516
IMG 3519
IMG 3520
IMG 3525
While class time was intense, this group knew how to unwind at the end of the day, often gathering the parlor for wine, beer, and laughs. IMG 3527
IMG 3534
IMG 3538
IMG 3539
IMG 3540
IMG 3542 If you missed getting into this year’s class, Kim English will be back in 2017.

Watercolor and Collage with David Daniels

Life happens even in the art workshop business! One of our instructors was forced to cancel his participation in a workshop. But lucky for us and all the students who were signed up, David Daniels stepped up to the plate to offer his fun, informative, encouraging, and innovative take on watercolor and collage.

Excellent instruction!” “It surpassed my expectations in many ways. David is a wonderful artist, a terrific teacher and a great inspiration.” “Great teaching skills – learned a lot about color, values, and making my own paper.” “I feel very happy about having taken this class. I learned much more about materials and techniques than I had known. And the food was delicious!

These were just some of the comments by the students. If definitely was a fun week. IMG 3464
IMG 3466
IMG 3467
IMG 3474
IMG 3476
IMG 3482
The weather was fabulous too for after class hanging by the pool! IMG 3487 David Daniels will be back to teach another workshop with us in 2017.