Barbara Nechis watercolor painting

Barbara Nechis

Watercolor From Within: Techniques for Painting the Essence of Nature

May 17 - 21, 2017

Medium: Watercolor
Level: Advanced Beginner to Advanced

3-Day Studio Class

Rates & Enrollment

Barbara Nechis is author of Watercolor from the Heart and Watercolor, the Creative Experience. Barbara is widely known for her innovative, lyrical paintings and creative approach to watercolor. Nature is the prevailing theme in Barbara’s works.

This workshop is for all who want to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process of painting, are willing to be flexible, take risks, have fun, be intuitive and inventive. You will not be using rules and formulas but still the emphasis is on concept, color and design. Barbara's inspiration comes both from nature and the inevitable unpredictability of the watercolor medium. Both abstract and realistic forms will be addressed.

Barbara presents and demonstrates a different method or idea each day using several techniques to show how to construct original paintings from both source material and the imagination.
Topics include controlling paint on wet paper, under-painting, layering and adding gouache. Critiques will approach problem solving upon the premise that there is always a solution that can turn an unsuccessful painting into a successful one.


Barbara Nechis watercolor painting Read our interview with Barbara Nechis on our blog.
Barbara Nechis watercolor painting
Barbara Nechis watercolor painting
Barbara Nechis in her art studio

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