May 24, 2011

Robert Burridge, the charismatic artist and instructor from southern California, is here all this week teaching abstract painting and collage to a full workshop.

You think he could be a little more enthusiastic?!!


It is day two of the workshop, but already the studio is bursting with wonderful painting exercises and experiments. Bob says “come prepared to paint your stuff” and he means it.


Elizabeth M. got a special surprize this afternoon — a lovely bouquet of white flowers “sent” by her three dogs, who miss her very much. Elizabeth said they must have gotten worry about her coming back when they heard what a fantastic time she was having at the workshop. Those dogs sure know how to pick a great bunch of flowers!


Outside the studio there is plenty of action with color, too. The trees are filling out with leaves, the lilacs are blooming, and the peonies buds are just about ready to burst open. Remember a couple of blog posts ago when there was a photo of Paul George doing a painting demo of this very same view? Now you can barely see the inn behind the oak and maple trees!