acrylic painting by Robert Burridge

Robert Burridge

Experimental Workshop for the Advanced Painter

October 11 - 17, 2015

Medium: Acrylic

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

5-Day Studio Class

Think looser, bigger, fresher... and set your goals higher.
This advanced painting workshop is all about creating new, fresh directions in your old work. It’s like a college masters program where individual intentions are encouraged. Burridge does not force his style on anyone, but instead helps you do the work you have always wanted to do. Create a painting series with your own conceptual theme, working everyday at your own pace. You may create a body of work for your next possible solo exhibit. This is the place for you to do it. Daily handouts, brief painting demos and lectures to inspire you.

Participants should have a firm grasp of the basics, understand design and color
theory. Positive attitude is a must!

acrylic painting by Robert Burridge
acrylic painting by Robert Burridge

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