October 27, 2015

Excellent class & teacher. Mr. Taylor is persistent in getting students to practice techniques and progress. Excellent painting venues!” – David L.

The wonderful watercolorist from Down Under, David Taylor, was here for another informative and inspiring workshop. The group painted around the inn, at various riverfront parks, and at Olana, the historic home of Frederick Church. IMG 1072
IMG 1074
This is David’s demo painting of one morning. IMG 1079
IMG 1080
The picnic lunches that we delivered each day at the painting location were certainly enjoyed. IMG 1082
IMG 1083
IMG 1086
IMG 3623
IMG 3624
IMG 3625
IMG 3626
IMG 3629
IMG 3630
IMG 3631
IMG 3634
IMG 3635
David and his wife, Di, enjoying lunch on the grounds of Olana. IMG 3636
IMG 3638
IMG 3641
IMG 3643
IMG 3644
IMG 3648

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