What’s New with Art Quilter David Taylor

What’s New with Art Quilter David Taylor

This year we’ve asked some of our returning instructors to let us know what’s new with them! Are they conducting new workshops? Are they working on a brand new collection in their personal creative practice? First up is art quilter David Taylor, who had some very exciting news to share with us!

Q: Tell us what’s new in your personal art practice!

DT: I am thrilled to be working on my next major exhibit in Colorado for 2020 – a retrospective of my 20 years of quilt making. As I sell all of my works, there is a massive coordination effort to bring the quilts together. All of my time off the road teaching is concentrated on the exhibit. I am working with two venues – the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum in Golden and the Steamboat Art Museum in my ‘hometown’ of Steamboat Springs. The first exhibit space will open in January at RMQM and run concurrent with the museum’s biannual mens exhibit. My portion with then be packed up and transferred up to Steamboat in May and hang through Labor Day.

I am also back in the studio working on some new pieces that are confidential and will make their public debuts in 2020. “Sorry, no peeking.”

Q: What will be new or different about your workshop this year?

DT: There’s an old adage: do one thing and do it well. My workshop has not changed during my decade of teaching. I must be doing something right, as roughly half of my students during each session are repeats. As each class participant is working on their own unique image, every class presents a new challenge and a new opportunity to explore fabric.

David will be teaching his Artistry Through Applique workshop with us from May 10-16, 2020 and yes, we still have spots available! You can learn more here.

Five Questions for Quilt Artist David Taylor

We’re looking forward to having quilt artist David Taylor back with us to round out our 2018 season! Get to know a bit more about David and his practice through our short interview with him below.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration from?
DT: My works have been the result of an emotional connection to images. When I try to force a subject matter, the results are never as fulfilling. I want the viewer to be able to see the story.

Q: What are you most proud of in regards to your art?
DT: When I have reviewed past images of my quilts, I’m often amazed at how much I’ve accomplished. Sometimes I can’t even remember the process of making them. Perhaps it’s because I truly enjoy the ‘creating.’ The more difficult the project, the more satisfaction I feel in solving issues. If the process was ‘too easy’ there would be nothing to gain.

Q: What are your biggest challenges to creating art and how do you deal with them?
DT: By far, the biggest challenge I’ve had to face is the gas explosion and fire that destroyed my studio in 2016. It’s been more than two years, and I’ve heard from other victims of home fires that this is typical. Every day gets a little easier, yet every day is a little harder – facing what has been lost. My brain tells me to move forward, but my heart is caught in the past.

Q: What advice has influenced you?
DT: I was given a nugget of insight by a consultant in my first full-time management position. I was working in a print house. The shop was very busy, and it seemed there was never enough hours in the day. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to get all the day-to-day tasks completed. He advised, “Never try anything. Do it.”

Q: Is there something you are currently working on, or excited about starting that you can tell us about?
DT: There are so many ideas and plans in my head, it seems there won’t be enough years remaining to bring them all to life. The hard part is bringing what I see in my mind into the physical world.

Learn more about David’s workshop with us here.

David Taylor Makes Watercolors Sing!

Excellent class & teacher. Mr. Taylor is persistent in getting students to practice techniques and progress. Excellent painting venues!” – David L.

The wonderful watercolorist from Down Under, David Taylor, was here for another informative and inspiring workshop. The group painted around the inn, at various riverfront parks, and at Olana, the historic home of Frederick Church. IMG 1072
IMG 1074
This is David’s demo painting of one morning. IMG 1079
IMG 1080
The picnic lunches that we delivered each day at the painting location were certainly enjoyed. IMG 1082
IMG 1083
IMG 1086
IMG 3623
IMG 3624
IMG 3625
IMG 3626
IMG 3629
IMG 3630
IMG 3631
IMG 3634
IMG 3635
David and his wife, Di, enjoying lunch on the grounds of Olana. IMG 3636
IMG 3638
IMG 3641
IMG 3643
IMG 3644
IMG 3648

David Taylor – Photo to Quilt with Hand Applique

We just had a fun and engaging week with David Taylor, the fiber artist form Steamboat Springs, Colorado (not David Taylor the fabulous watercolorist from Australia who will be teaching here next year! Although they both like and buy my Crazy Ties.)

I have long admired David’s award-winning work, having seen it all over the internet and also some of the major shows, so it was a pleasure to finally meet him and have him here to teach a workshop.

Everyone brought a great photo to work from, each different than the others. David had everyone start with the eyes. It was sort of erie to walk through the studio that first day and see all those eyes peering at you.

Joyce L was working on a cute portrait of fox. I love her fabric palette spread out around her.

IMG 2552

Corinne had a wonderful picture of a blue-footed booby bird!

IMG 2553

Sandy’s focus was flora rather than fauna, with this bright yellow flower.

IMG 2554

Helene had a picture of one of her dogs.

IMG 2555

And Korinna was working on a cat. Korinna was our longest distance winner in this class, having come from Germany!

IMG 2556

These next couple of pictures show the progress after a couple of days.

IMG 2565
IMG 2567

Every day David provided demos and discussions about the various steps of his process.

IMG 2568

The remaining pictures were taken on the final day. You can see that some people made more progress than others, but the reason is different than you might think. David told me, rolling his eyes, that everyone was having so much fun chatting, laughing and telling stories that they weren’t spending enough time focused on their work! The class even went on a field trip to a local quilt fabric shop, Log Cabin Fabrics, during class time one afternoon.

IMG 2571
IMG 2572
IMG 2573

David brought several of his art quilts with him, of course, and everyone oohed and aahed and had him hold them up for pictures.

IMG 2574

Here is the paparazzi!

IMG 2576

This is the quilting on the back of David’s bird quilt. Simplily amazing.

IMG 2579
IMG 2577
IMG 2578

One of the demos on the last day was how David puts on the binding on his finished pieces. He thinks of the binding as framing his finished work.

IMG 2581

It was a good week all around with good food and good weather to round out the experience. We hope to have David back again in the future!

David Taylor – Breaking New Ground in Watercolor

David Taylor, who recently won three major awards in watercolor and judged in China, just finished teaching a workshop with us.

It was a thumbs up week with a great group of painters and fabulous weather.


The group went to Olana and down by the Hudson River on a couple of days, as well as painted around our grounds.


A picnic lunch was delivered to where ever the group was painting.


There were lots of lively conversations around the dinner table.


On the last night David asked folks to dress up for change and he bought a Crazy By Design quilted tie for the occasion and Jim C. followed suit! David likes the ties I make featuring guitars and has purchased several over the years. Thanks, David – they look great on you!


Watercolor to Pastel

David Taylor’s class finished off the week with one and half days at Coeyman’s Landing. The first day it started raining soon after they got there that they were only able to get photo references, but it was such a subject rich location that everyone decided that it was worth going back the next day, which cooperated by being a beautifully sunny Fall day.


Back at the inn for the final dinner on Friday night, David showed off his style by wearing his new Crazy Tie (a hand-made quilted tie featuring guitars) and fabulously colorful socks!


This week Margaret Evans of Scotland is here teaching a 5-day pastel workshop.

After lunch, Margaret presented a demo outside with the Carriage House as the subject.


We’re crossing our fingers for more good weather for more outdoor painting!

Watercolor Landscapes with One of Australia’s Finest!

David Taylor has won several Gold Medals, including the $20,000 Haroldson Camberwell Rotary, one of the biggest and prestigious competitions in Australia!

We are always pleased to have David teaching workshop for us at the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops. Monday started out a bit drizzly, but it wasn’t long until the sun came out and the temps climbed to the 80s.

After lunch the group walked over the Veteran’s Park pond to spend the afternoon painting. The water of the pond was as smooth as glass, creating a stunning reflection of the blue sky and fluffy white clouds.


Some students watched as David did another demo and others just jumped in to painting.


A couple people turned their backs on the scenic pond, preferring instead to paint Tommy’s Hot Dog trailer.