September 28, 2010

Pat Dew’s was back again to teach a 5-day watermedia and collage workshop. This years group had an especially good time. The laughing started on the first night at the dinner table and continued right until check out time!

On the second night we had a brief power outage in the town and were prepare to make and serve dinner by candlelight.

But luckily the power was restored just as the salad was being served. Everyone still requested dinner by candlelight, so we left the candles on the table burning and just dimmed the lights. Some marvelous freshly made blueberry pie was the dessert for that night.

In the studio there was a constant buzz of creative excitement as Pat provided lots of demos and the students then took their turn at using the ideas.

This is Roxie Johnson, a digital artist from Hyde Park, NY. Pat asked her to bring in her portfolio of work to the class and Pat herself went home with a couple of Roxie’s pieces.

Pat Dew’s shares a studio with Jada Rowland, a landscape and portrait artist.
Pat talked Jada into stepping out of her normal mode of painting and joining the workshop to tried her hand at abstract work!

Before Pat left she generously gave us a copy of her new DVD – Pat Dews: Let’s Get Started Finishing. It will be in our DVD library, so next time you are here – take a look!

One Response to “Pat Dew’s and Her Rowdy Crew”

  1. Hi Kim!

    Just now getting to visiting all the online blogs and websites from people at our workshop. Yours are
    wonderful, Kim! I have been so glad that I took the workshop with Pat. You all did a phenomenal job…

    Thank you for the link to my blog. That was kind of you. I'm not sure how you manage to do all you do… but then we came out of the womb as natural multi-taskers, yes?

    I would love to add a link to your site on my blog.
    I always like to contact people and let them know.

    Warm wishes as we approach the winter season…