August 25, 2007

Kim, bless her, has put some extra pictures for me to put up. Soon, I don’t know when, we’ll put up video, too.

Here’s my mom helping me dip truffles. Yes, they’re square but they are still truffles. They’re just square.

Making truffles…


Trying out some Peter’s chocolate.

Where in the world is Kim? San Diego? Nope. She’s taking the pictures.

Eat lots of chocolate. It will keep you happy and fit. OK. It’ll keep you happy.

4 Responses to “Extra Pictures Photo Op: Here’s to Kim”

  1. Young and fat. Well, I’ve been working out though the last two months all I’ve been doing is training once a week.

    It’s the life style. It’s genetics.

    Tell the truth, when I look at the photos from only 16 years ago, I sigh and wonder where that pretty boy went. Kim still looks beautiful. Speaking of whom, you’ve never met my blushing bride.