June 29, 2006


We’ve had a lot of rain lately. Here’s a picture of our creek in the back

Psych! That’s actually a picture of Betsy Apgar-Smith’s painting. This is the class you are missing. Kim is down loading the dramatic creek pictures.

And here is the actual picture. Not too different. Now mind you, the painting was painted without the benefit of the creek. What a coinkidink!

We aren’t flooded out and that workshops are still on. Wait till you see these pictures, though.

Today is sunny. No rain. And it’s warm.

4 Responses to “InnSane Rain”

  1. barbara stroup

    Hi Mark and Kim – I was thinking of that brook, and how it swelled when I was there for Lesley’s class in early April, after a much more modest downfall than we’ve had this week ! Glad everything is going on o.k.