June 21, 2006

Whew! And I’ve done 3 menu changes already. Whew! We have 2008 already lined up, or almost, just one more teacher we need to contact, and have started lining up 2009.

The menu for next year will be comfort food. So, you’ll see that great Mac and Cheese again as well as the wunnerful Toasted Cheese Sandwich. And introducing Meat Loaf, Steak and Eggs and maybe Du Burger. You’ll see again The Big Moose, Maple Salmon, Paella. Yes, I’m keeping both the Maple Salmon again and the Paella. Yowza.

This combined with our wunnerful line up of talent, Jerry Brommer, Melody Johnson, Laura Cater-Woods, Koo Schadler, Karen Rosasco, to name just a few. Kim’s working on the brochures! It’ll be out in the late fall. The fiber one will be first and then the painting.

6 Responses to “17 workshops under our belt for this year already”

  1. Just to clarify, the people I mentioned are a small sample. We’ll have 38 workshops next year. The brochure is coming. Kim’s doing it right now. And yes, Carla will be back next year. Sign up early.

  2. I did see Kim’s tarot quilts when I was up last year for Painters Week – we even talked about them. They wre great! I hope to see them again when I come up for Carla’s WS – I was in her WS in 2004 and she is awesome – I can’t wait.

  3. Good. You know you can sign up for it any time.

    We were here during her workshop, looking over the property as it were.

    Well, they’re up now so unless someone buys them, Kim’s been selling, they’ll be here.

    We look forward to seeing you at the workshops, as always.