March 12, 2006

There are so many desserts that are called Death By Chocolate. I prefer to call this new one Life By Chocolate. After all, what is Life Without Chocolate and what is Chocolate Without Life?

This dessert, which I have not yet completed designing, is going to be two disks of 62% dark chocolate, Shaffenburger, probably, mixed with Rice Krispies, Between the disks will be a thick ring, thicker than these pictures show, of raspberry and Kahlua truffle ganache made with, I think, an equally dark Valrhona (or Callebaut as the desserts in the pictures are made of) chocolate, and in that ring will be raspberries or perhaps a raspberry sauce. Then on top of the top disk, I’ll put whipped cream and a sugar basket. In that basket, and I’m still playing with the design as you can see, will be raspberries and blueberries.

I’m also toying with a chocolate mouse as an alternative filling. I’m also toying with putting mascarpone in between the disks and enrobing the whole think with a dark ganache.

I think I may just do a treasure chest mold of, perhaps, Dagobah chocolate with a nice Callebaut chocolate mouse in it. I’ll decorate the plate with crushed chocolate nibs. Not only am I bgetting the roasted nibs from Dagobah but I’m getting single country chocolates from them. All organic too. The mind boggles!

I’m also going to do a mini banana split with a chocolate pate.

Now for the pictures. These pictures really don’t do this dessert justice. Don’t worry, I wont make it too big! Just big enough to satisfy. 😉 Ah, the difficulties of photographing food! Sigh. When Kim sets up her art photography area, we’ll be able to use it to photo food and give you a better idea of what the new dishes look like.

This is the best picture so far but just doesn’t give the dessert the justice it deserves.

Another variation on the basket.

It looks like a bad hair day but in actuality this looks very cool.

and another cool looking one.

And we see it at table.

Close up of cool, though too burnty tasting, basket.

and the rest of the boys.

I’ll be putting more of the plating designs up later. We’re getting some new plates too so I plan on using those to showcase some dishes.

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