August 23, 2011

Around the pool is always a very popular place to paint. There is shade if you want it or you can bask in the sun while thinking of a dip in the pool after class!


Notice that Kim went around to the students in bare feet! I guess he was enjoying the nice green green grass we get in Greenville!


Bjorn set up his easel right at the edge of the pool. I kept watching to see if I could catch a picture of him falling in the pool as he stepped back to look at his painting. Didn’t happen!


On another afternoon the class set up a colorful clothesline scene with the two models on the lawn in back of the studio.


Linda found another shady spot to stand while painting — in the open garage/storage building next to the studio!


Everyone in the class commented about what a wonderful group it was and how it felt like hanging out with old friends. Here are some folks gathering in the dining rooms before dinner.