July 2, 2011

Class has exceeded our expectations! Ellen is a fabulous artist and instructor.” That was the type of comment we got from everyone in the workshop with Ellen Gavin – Painterly Oils of Horses and Dogs. The conversations around the dinner table were always animated and with lots of laughter. Ellen has a great sense of humor!

I enjoyed watching Ellen’s demos myself.


This is the result of demo on the second day of class.


These two pastel paintings are by Barbara Leonardi, who said to me after the first day, “I had no idea I even liked horses!” She had stayed over for Ellen’s class after being in the Paul Leveille portrait class just because it followed.


This is a painting in progress by Andrea Agresta. It’s not finished but I love her style.


Here is Andrea working on another of her expressive dog portraits.


It was a very productive class and everyone worked on multiple paintings per day. Here are several more snapshots of the participants work.


One Response to “Horses and Dogs with Ellen Gavin”

  1. Just found your studio! I live in Central NY, am obsessed with dogs, and was looking for a painting class to learn how to paint my pups more loosely and "expressionistic". Will keep my eyes peeled for upcoming classes!

    Jen Z 🙂