June 30, 2010

Carol Soderlund has returned to Hudson River Valley Art Workshops to teach her “Dyeing to Discharge” workshop.

Her students are discovering the possibilities of discharge– the removal of color from dyed cloth. Using both commercial fabrics and cloth dyed specifically for discharge, they are selectively removing and replacing color.

Carol always emphasizes safe studio practices, even though the weather has been so nice that the class is working outdoors most of the time.

Looks like martians have landed!

I think this is our first “plein air” fiber art class. I’m hoping to get pictures of the incredible fabrics the group is creating on the cloths line that we are stringing up between two trees.

The pool is also a big hit with the class, with several folks taking a dip every morning before breakfast. This is the first time that fiber art workshops have been scheduled in the summer.

This is Mark playing “sea monster” with Hudson.