August 8, 2007

Well, I am using the ChocoVision Rev Delta and it is sweet. I am making twice the amount of chocolates in the same amount of time with half the work and with half the muss and fuss and with better binning. However, I am running up against the ten pound limit pretty fast. Joe Cravino talked about pumping 200 lbs per day through this machine and though that’s a bit for me right now, I think 20 lbs per day would be just fine.

Currently, I restart the tempering process when I do the next 10 or the next 10 lbs. I know, I probably don’t have to do that because of the factory temper but call me old fashion, there is something to be said for retempering the factory chocolate. The temper is good enough for seed but I’d rather have newly tempered, not directly tempered, chocolate for my chocolates.

I’ll have to get the 200 lbs secret from Joe. It involved a 40kg melter and going to 114 then back to 93 and then I assume spooning it into the temperer. I’ll have to get clarification.

I’m having so much fun that I may not go to NJ. And that’s a lot of fun. I did melt chocolate shells for molded chocolated tonight. I did two types, banana saffron and cherry cordials.

Now, order them. Call us up and order a couple of pounds. 🙂