May 8, 2007

Creating and Painting a Pictorial Quilt for
3-D Illusion

Esterita Austin
May 31 – June 3, 2007
Medium: Fiber
Level: All Levels

In this workshop, Esterita shows you how to create 3-D pictorial quilts. She demonstrations how to use her easy fusible techniques with Misty-fuse and textile paints to create custom fabrics just right for details, shadows, and highlights. You will learn simple techniques that bring 3-dimensional life to your quilt images.

Learn to make use of those multi-colored, multi-value, textured, and specialty fabrics while developing pictorial quilts from your favorite photographs. Esterita will supply you with a guide for taking photographs and a complete supply list for this workshop.

This workshop has an additional materials fee of $20, paid directly to the instructor, for a kit that includes textile paints, brushes, Misty-fuse, Transdoodle transfer paper, and paper goods.

Internationally award winning quilt maker, designer, and teacher, Esterita Austin is best known for her series on stone and architectural motifs. The use of textual and dimentional imagery has given Esterita’s work a unique sytle. She brings creative energy to her workshops, stimulating the imagination and invigorating the soul.