February 11, 2007

Well, I just put out eclairs (home made and newly made so they were still crispy, yum), with two different fillings. One with an Italian Cream and the other with a mascarpone filling, sweetened and with Grand Marnier. You make elcairs from pate a choux, btw.

So far this week, I made lamb en croute, that’s puff paste, Cornish pasties, that’s more like a pie dough, puff paste smiles, sort of like a palmier, made out of puff paste.

So the menu this week was, lamb, chicken and the last dish was mostly veggies but contained ham and bacon (from Alan Benton) in the pasty. The pasty were only 5 inch versions. Small but comforting. This year is comfort food.

Remember, this is also winter food. So, in the summer, I’ll lighten it up a bit. And you may only get one or two pastries. 😉 But weren’t those French black winter truffles (Perigord) great?