November 29, 2017

We couldn’t be more excited to be bringing a watercolor portraiture workshop to our 2018 season with artist Laurie Goldstein-Warren. In advance of her workshop, Laurie took a moment to fill us in a bit more on her background and approach to art.

Q: What was your path to becoming a full-time working artist?
LGW: I began drawing with my brother when I was young, took art in high school. I was also a ballet dance with the Rochester Academy of Performing Arts. I had to quit dance when I was 19 due to knee problems. I returned to art when I moved to West Virginia in 1998. We live out in the country and I felt that now I had the time to reinvest in my art. I never looked back.

Q: Do you work on multiple pieces concurrently or focus on exclusively one at a time? If the former, how do you balance that? If the later, how do you decide which one to start next?
LGW: I usually focus on one painting at a time. Occasionally, I do work on workshop demo pieces along with my current work. If I am working on two or more at one time, I focus on the one in front of me at the moment, but sometimes, I may get an idea from one painting to incorporate into the other. 

Q: How do you come up with ideas to begin something new?
LGW: I have many photos from trips, etc. But for my portraiture, I also have some ready models, who are most gracious with their time when I need an inspiration.

Q: What keeps you motivated to continue making art?
LGW: Painting is like breathing to me. I do not like to go a day without some painting time. My motivation is to continue learning and bringing what I learn to my workshop students.

Q: What’s the biggest “risk” you’ve taken in your journey as an artist? Creatively, in a business sense, or in life?
LGW: I think the one time I was most nervous was right before my first workshop that I taught. I remember thinking what could I possibly show these artists? After the first day of that workshop, I was hooked! I love to teach and my students have been very happy with my teaching style.

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Find out more about Laurie on her website and give her a follow on Facebook and Instagram.