July 26, 2016

Wonderful experience! Great instructor, great participants, and great setting!” – Pat R.

Margaret Dyer was here teaching her first 5 day pastel figures workshop with us. Margaret has been teaching here for many years and is always a popular instructor, but to this point had always taught in a 3-day format. Everyone enjoy having Margaret for a full week! The class worked with models on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday, they worked from photographs taken during a special photo-shoot with the models at the end of class on Monday. IMG 2084 Here is everyone taking their turns shoot photos of the two models in various set ups around the front parlor of the inn. IMG 2079 Here you can see the two models in kimonos posing on the antique furniture. IMG 2080 Now the work begins, first with a background, then sketching in the shapes. IMG 2085
IMG 2086
IMG 2088
IMG 2089
IMG 2090
IMG 2091
IMG 2092
IMG 2093 The weather was so beautiful (and the studio so full of easels) that we decided to have our “coming attractions” (workshops for the rest of 2016 and also a preview of 2017) presentation on the front porch of the inn after dinner. IMG 2094