July 18, 2016

Ted Nuttall was an excellent instructor. Clear explanations and private attention for each student. I enjoyed every aspect of this class. I learned a lot about art and about watercolor painting.” – Ronnie H

We just finished a wonderful week with watercolor artist, Ted Nuttall, who was teaching his watercolor portraits workshop. IMG 2060
This is one of Ted’s demo paintings. IMG 2061
Ted provided lots of one-on-one time with each student. IMG 2065
This is another of Ted’s paintings. I just love the look in these eyes. IMG 2066
Everyone once in a while it’s a good idea to take a break from painting and let your mind wander while doing a little knitting. IMG 2067
IMG 2068
Conservations at dinner were always lively. Chef Mark is either talking about the menu for the night or counting Scrabble points (more about this later)! IMG 2070
Here is the happy group posed on the back steps to the main inn. IMG 2075
After dinner every night of the workshop, Scrabble was king. Three of the students, plus chef Mark gathered in the parlor or the front dining room to play Scrabble. There was much discussion about “acceptable words.” IMG 2078
I’ll give you one guess who put the word “Barfy” down there. Could be the guy in the chef coat who has the two big dogs who like to eat all the fresh cut grass clumps and then get a little “barfy!” IMG 3874